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Who is the DPO of Sahiwal?

Who is the DPO of Sahiwal?

Muhammad Atif Ikram
Muhammad Atif Ikram is currently heading District Police Sahiwal.

Who is current DPO Layyah?

Contact Us

RANA TAHIR REHMAN KHAN (PSP) District Police Officer Layyah
Office: 0606-920151
Fax: 0606-920154
Residence: 0606-920151
E-mail: [email protected]

Who is DPO in Pakistan?

The Senior Superintendent of Police either serves as the DPO or at a non-field post at police headquarters.

Who is DPO in police?

Divisional Police Officer (DPO)

How many police stations are in Layyah?

SDPOs and Police Stations – Layyah

Saddar Circle Karor Circle Chobara Circle
SDPO 0606-413047 SDPO 0606-810568 SDPO 0606-372499
City 0606-413068 Karor 0606-810504 Chobara 0606-440110
Saddar 0606-413069 Fateh Pur 0606-840732 Chowk Azam 0606-381999
Kot Sultan 0606-470006

Is DPO a rank in police force?

Why is Hafizabad famous?

Industry. Major portion of the country’s rice exports are from Hafizabad, which is sometimes referred to as the Land of Rice or City of Rice. Cotton power loom (weaving) is the second largest industry of Hafizabad.

How many Tehsil are there in Hafizabad?

two tehsils
The district Hafizabad has a total area of 2367 square kilometers and comprises of two tehsils: Hafizabad. Pindi Bhattian.

Is DPO a rank in police?

Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in Nigeria Police is just a different rank that can be assigned to any superior police officer in any division. The rank of DPO can be in form of any rank based on the highest available rank in a particular division.

What is DPO full form?

The primary role of the data protection officer (DPO) is to ensure that her organisation processes the personal data of its staff, customers, providers or any other individuals (also referred to as data subjects) in compliance with the applicable data protection rules.

Who is the DSP in Layyah?

Maher Saeed Ahmed

Name Business No.
DSP (HQ) 413037
DSP (Legal) Office & Home 413037
Maher Saeed Ahmed 0306-7424261

How old is layyah?

The town was founded around 1550 by Kamal Khan, a Mirani Balooch and a descendant of Ghazi Khan who laid foundation of Dera Ghazi Khan. Around 1610, the town was taken from the Mirani Rulers by the Jaskani Balochs, who held it until 1787.

How many star is DPO?

Deputy Superintendent of Police The DSP acts as the Superintendent of Police and the Chief Superintendent of Police. The symbol of this rank is the arrangement of three stars that are vertically arranged.

What is DPO police force?

Divisional Police Officer
Divisional Police Officer (DPO)

What is the grade of DPO?

Pakistan Police Ranks with Grades

Police Rank Abbreviation Scale / Grade
Senior Superintendent of Police / District Police Officer / Assistant Inspector General SSP / DPO/ AIG BS 19
Deputy Inspector General / Regional Police Officer / City Police Officer DIG / RPO / CPO BS 20
Additional Inspector General Addl. IG / CCPO BS 21