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Which country has the most gold medals in 2004?

Which country has the most gold medals in 2004?

United States
Medal table

Rank Nation Gold
1 United States 36
2 China 32
3 Russia 28
4 Australia 17

What country won the 2004 Olympics?

The final medal tally was led by the United States, followed by China and Russia with host nation Greece at 15th place. Several world and Olympic records were also broken during these Games. Chile, Chinese Taipei, Dominican Republic, Georgia and Israel won their first Olympic gold medals.

Which country won an 8th Olympic gold medal in the 2004 Games?

2004 Athens Medal Tally

rank Country Gold
5 Japan 16
6 Germany 13
7 France 11
8 Italy 10

How many golds did GB win 2004?

9 gold
Great Britain finished in tenth position in the final medal rankings, with 9 gold and 30 total medals.

Who was on the 2004 Dream Team?

Games of the XXVIIIth Olympiad — 2004

Emeka Okafor F 6-10
Amar’e Stoudemire F 6-10
Dwyane Wade G 6-4
HEAD COACH: Larry Brown, Detroit Pistons

What did Australia come in the 2004 Olympics?

The ABS analysis shows that Australia’s tally at the close of the Athens Olympics equates to one Gold Medal for each 1,186,000 of the population….ABS medal tally: Australia finishes third, Aug 2004.

Medals Won Gold

Who has the most gold medals in the UK?

Sir Jason Kenny
The most successful British Olympian by gold medals won is Sir Jason Kenny, who has won seven gold medals in track cycling. He is followed by Sir Chris Hoy who won six. Kenny also has the most total medals with 9, followed by fellow cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins who has eight.

Who has the most gold medals for Britain?

Jason Kenny
Most gold medals Gold medalist Jason Kenny (GBR) of Britain poses with his gilfriend, women’s omnium gold medalist Laura Trott (GBR) of Britain. Kenny’s wife and fellow cyclist, Laura Kenny has won more gold medals (four) than any other British female athlete.

How many gold medals does each country have?

Olympic Medals by Country 2022

Country Gold Total Medals
United States 1180 2980
United Kingdom 296 948
Germany 293 892
France 258 874

What country beat the Dream Team?

At the 1992 Summer Olympics held in Barcelona, the team defeated its opponents by an average of 44 points en route to the gold medal against Croatia….1992 United States men’s Olympic basketball team.

Head coach Chuck Daly
Assists leader Scottie Pippen 5.9
1996 →

How many gold medals did Australia get in Athens?

17 gold
Australia finished the Athens Games having won a total of 50 medals, including 17 gold, the most gold medals to date although this was equalled in Tokyo 2020. Its strongest sports were swimming, cycling, diving, and rowing.

Which county won the most Olympic medals?

Here are the 10 countries with the most Olympic medals:

  • United States (2980 medals)
  • United Kingdom (948 medals)
  • Germany (892 medals)
  • France (874 medals)
  • Italy (742 medals)
  • China (696 medals)
  • Sweden (661 medals)
  • Australia (562 medals)