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What is the best mage build in TBC?

What is the best mage build in TBC?

Arcane is absolutely the top-level spec for Mages in TBC, especially once they get their Tirisfal Regalia two-set bonus.

Is Mage still good in TBC?

Are Mages good in TBC? Yes! Mages in TBC are absolute DPS machines and the reworked Arcane and Frost tree add a lot to the gameplay, ensuring that there is much more to it than simply pressing one button the whole night.

What is hit cap for mage in TBC?

Spell Hit rating The general aim is to be Hit capped for bosses and level 73 targets (16%), so Fire Mages need 13% hit chance from gear and buffs.

Is Arcane mage good in TBC?

With the increase in knowledge, the higher overall raid damage, Arcane has become a viable spec with one of the best burst windows in the game, and with proper consumables and raid composition, the arcane mage is now widely considered to be the highest DPS spec in the game, for a large majority of fights.

How much hit does an arcane mage need TBC?

If you’re an Arcane Mage with Arcane Focus and Precision, you’ll need 289 hit rating. If you have the benefit of Faerie Fire or Misery, you’ll need 210 hit rating. If you have a Draenei in the party, in addition to one of those 3% debuffs, you’ll only need 184 hit.

Is engineering good for mages in TBC?

PvP Mage Professions in TBC Engineering is no longer nearly as good as it was in WoW Classic, as only rocket boots and the shield belt can be used inside the Arena, but it is still the best profession for world PvP and Battlegrounds.

How much Dodge does dodge rating Give TBC?

Weapon Skill Rating: 3.9 rating grants 1 skill point. Defense Rating: 2.4 rating grants 1 defense skill. Dodge Rating: 18.9 rating grants 1% dodge.

Can spells miss in TBC?

All spells have a chance to miss an enemy of similar or higher level.

Is arcane mage good for leveling in TBC?

Arcane Mage is a spec that becomes viable in TBC thanks to Arcane Blast as well as a slew of changes to the Arcane tree. However, it is a very mana hungry spec that relies heavily on gear, making it the weakest of the three for leveling.

Is there a mage macro guide for Burning Crusade classic (TBC)?

Here’s a quick Mage macro guide for WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic. Simple macro for your mounts (change to whatever flying / nonflying mount you want to use) Set your focus & clearfocus, all in one macro (sets focus and clears focus after using it a second time):

What are some of the best macros for mages?

There are a ton of great Macros for Mages and with TBC, they become more important than ever as Frost is given a pet with Summon Water Elemental, which can be hard to manage without macros. There are also a few important macros for other specs which simply make life easier. Immediate Spell macro /SpellStopCasting() /cast Spell

When to use the full burst macro for Arcane Mage?

Full burst macro for Arcane Mage (MoP 5.4). Includes int potion or Kafa Press on use. Use this macro when you have 4 arcane charges and 2 arcane missile procs.

What are some of the best class macros?

Here are some examples of some good Mage class macros: Casts Arcane Brilliance and then Molten Armor once clicked again. Casts Ice Barrier and then Mana Shield once clicked again. holding down shift, then you will cast your ground mount. If you’re mounted and flying, the macro will dismount you and cast Slow Fall.