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Where is Griff Rhys Jones Pembrokeshire cottage?

Where is Griff Rhys Jones Pembrokeshire cottage?

Strumble Head
Griff Rhys Jones’ luxury holiday cottage on Strumble Head in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, West Wales.

Where is Trehilyn farm?

Pembrokeshire coast
​Ffermdy Trehilyn farmhouse is a beautifully conserved authentic early Welsh farmhouse on the Pembrokeshire coast near Strumble Head lighthouse.

Where is A Pembrokeshire Farm filmed?

Griff Rhys Jones undertakes a personal restoration project, taking on his decaying farmhouse in Wales.

When was return to Pembrokeshire farm filmed?

Two years later he presented another 5 episode documentary series Return to a Pembrokeshire Farm which was broadcast on BBC4 in September/ October 2009. Both series concerned the renovation of a farm in Pembrokeshire which Rhys Jones had purchased with a view to restoring them.

Where is Strumble Head?

Strumble is on the North West tip of Pembrokeshire, west of Fishguard. The area is known as the Pencaer Peninsula, although it isn’t actually a peninsula. Bordered on two sides by the sea and on the inland side by a line of low hills, it does give the feeling of being cut off.

Where is return to Pembrokeshire farm?

Walk to the famous lighthouse on Ynys Meicl or hike out to Porthsychan cove. The restoration of this cottage was the subject of the BBC4 series “Return to a Pembrokeshire Farm”.

Does Griff Rhys Jones live in Wales?

“Every now and again, there’s an outbreak of people saying: ‘Don’t come here. ‘ People get rather furious about the idea of visitors coming to Pembrokeshire, as if in some way it’s so beautiful it should be preserved only for the natives,” said the actor and writer, 66, who was born in Cardiff but lives in England.

Who owns Strumble Head Lighthouse?

Trinity House
Strumble Head Lighthouse

Shape cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings white tower and lantern
Operator Trinity House
Heritage Grade II listed building

When was return to Pembrokeshire?

Return to Pembrokeshire Farm – BBC Four – 5. May 2022, 20:30 – Teleboy.

Are Rhys Jones parents still married?

Rhys Jones’ parents are still together. The couple met in 1982 while working at Tesco and have been married for 33 years. However, in Mel’s book, Stay With Me, Rhys, it’s revealed that the couple briefly split after losing their son.

Who is Sean Mercers dad?

instructor Joseph McCormick
Mercer’s dad, physical training instructor Joseph McCormick, once stood accused alongside disgraced former head of Merseyside CID Elmore Davies, Warrior from TV’s Gladiators, and jailed businessman Philip Glennon Snr.

How old is Strumble Head Lighthouse?

114Strumble Head Lighthouse / Age (c. 1908)