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When was the Lieutenant based?

When was the Lieutenant based?

The Lieutenant is a historical novel by Kate Grenville, published in 2008. The novel loosely follows historical facts based on the experiences of William Dawes, an officer of the Royal Marines who was on the 1788 First Fleet from England to the New South Wales colony.

Who is tagaran based on?

This material can be found in The Australian Dictionary of Biography or in Dawes’ own notebooks, which contain detailed notes of his conversations with Patyegarang, the real-life model for Tagaran.

Who is Lennox in the lieutenant?

Lennox is one of the Navy captains with the fleet to New South Wales. Silk describes him as a walking string bean, and Rooke observes that Lennox is always at attention. Lennox is the first captain to oversee the farming at Rose Hill. Lancelot Percival is one of Rooke’s classmates at the Naval Academy.

Where is the Lieutenant set?

New South Wales
The Lieutenant is set against the background of the origins of early colonial Australia, starting with the voyage of the First Fleet of eleven ships, which brought the first British convicts to New South Wales, arriving there in January 1788.

How does Kate Grenville depict colonialism in the Secret River?

In both The Secret River and The Lieutenant, Kate Grenville depicts the colonial narrative of forced conquest and its impact upon the indigenous peoples in Australia.

How is the lieutenant studied in VCE?

The Lieutenant is usually studied in the Australian curriculum under Area of Study 1 – Text Response. For a detailed guide on Text Response, check out our Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response. Grenville’s novel follows the life of protagonist, Lieutenant Daniel Rooke in his journey with the first fleet.

What is your review of the Lieutenant?

‘T he Lieutenant is an outstanding story… completely absorbing… Grenville’s observations of Rooke’s inner world and the amazement of the landscape and brutality of the settlers elevates this novel to modern classic status’ – Independent Weekly (Australia)

What is the story the lieutenant about?

The Lieutenant is about two people who find a way to start speaking to each other and together make an indestructible bond. One is a young lieutenant, a soldier with the First Fleet. The other is a child from the Gadigal people, a young girl who teaches him her language.