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What is desktop Analytics used for?

What is desktop Analytics used for?

Desktop Analytics is a cloud-based service that integrates with Configuration Manager. The service provides insight and intelligence for you to make more informed decisions about the update readiness of your Windows clients.

How do I access desktop Analytics?

Open the Desktop Analytics portal in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center as a user with the Global Admin role. Select Start. Alternatively, on the Configuration Manager console, go to the Software Library workspace, select the Desktop Analytics Servicing node, and select Plan deployments.

What is Endpoint Analytics Microsoft?

Endpoint analytics is part of the Microsoft Productivity Score. These analytics give you insights for measuring how your organization is working and the quality of the experience you’re delivering to your users.

How do I access endpoints in Analytics?

Enable Upload Endpoint Analytics Data from SCCM Console

  1. Navigate Administration > Overview > Cloud Services > Co-management.
  2. Click on the properties of Co-management Management.
  3. Click on the Configure Upload tab.
  4. Click the Enable option called Enable Endpoint analytics for devices uploaded to Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

What is desktop Analytics in call center?

Desktop analytics primarily is used to understand agent effectiveness by determining which resources they use to increase productivity, and which of their activities are productive versus non-productive.

How does SCCM integrate with desktop Analytics?

SCCM Desktop Analytics Integration

  1. Navigate to SCCM console – Administration – Cloud Services – Azure Services.
  2. On the Configure Azure Services page – Enter the name SCCM Desktop Analytics and Description.
  3. Select Desktop Analytics and click on the Next button.
  4. Select Azure Public cloud from the App Properties page.

What is Azure log analytics used for?

Log Analytics is a tool in the Azure portal to edit and run log queries from data collected by Azure Monitor logs and interactively analyze their results. You can use Log Analytics queries to retrieve records that match particular criteria, identify trends, analyze patterns, and provide various insights into your data.

What is data collection endpoint?

Data collection endpoints are ARM resources created within specific regions. An endpoint in a given region can only be associated with machines in the same region, although you can have more than one endpoint within the same region as per your needs.

What is endpoint analysis?

Endpoint Analysis is a process that scans a user device and detects information, such as the presence and version level of an operating system, and of antivirus, firewall, or web browser software.

How do I set up an endpoint in Google Analytics?

In the Configuration Manager console, go to Administration > Client Settings > Default Client Settings. Right-click and select Properties then select the Computer Agent settings. Set Enable Endpoint analytics data collection to Yes to configure devices for local data collection.

What is desktop and process Analytics?

Desktop and Process Analytics (DPA) provides you with a unique insight into precisely which applications the employees use and when they use them. DPA is an efficient tool to shed light on the employees’ use of your customer systems and sales tools, for example, and to use this knowledge to improve work processes.

What is WSUS used for?

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is a Windows server role that can plan, manage and deploy updates, patches and hotfixes for Windows servers, client operating systems (OSes) and other Microsoft software.

Is Azure Monitor same as Log Analytics?

Monitor is the brand, and Log Analytics is one of the solutions. Log Analytics and Application Insights have been consolidated into Azure Monitor to provide a single integrated experience for monitoring Azure resources and hybrid environments.

What is the difference between application insights and Log Analytics?

“Log Analytics” is referred as a feature and not what used to be known as Log Analytics as a product. For instance, Application Insights resources provide the same “Log Analytics” feature. For Azure Functions / APIM the native integration with Azure Monitor is through Application Insights.

What is the difference between outcome and endpoint?

The term outcome usually refers to the measured variable (eg, peak volume of oxygen or PROMIS Fatigue score), whereas an endpoint refers to the analyzed parameter (eg, change from baseline at 6 weeks in mean PROMIS Fatigue score).

What can Verint do?

Verint Desktop and Process Analytics (DPA) can capture desktop events that signify key execution points on processes to help you:

  • Visualize process workflows and volumes.
  • Analyze handle times for processes and process steps.
  • Review work items with multi-step, multi-touch processes for quality and compliance.

What is Verint speech analytics?

Verint Speech Analytics is part of a patent-protected portfolio of customer engagement solutions that help organizations enrich customer interactions, improve business processes, and optimize their workforces to enhance loyalty, increase revenue, mitigate risk, and manage operational costs. Benefit from World-Class.