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How do you use independent?

How do you use independent?

They see each other a lot, independent of anything the four or six of us might do.

What does it mean to be independent of something?

1 : not dependent: such as. a(1) : not subject to control by others : self-governing. (2) : not affiliated with a larger controlling unit an independent bookstore.

What does independently of each other mean?

Word forms: independents If one thing or person is independent of another, they are separate and not connected, so the first one is not affected or influenced by the second. Your questions should be independent of each other. We’re going independent from the university and setting up our own group.

What is the difference between independent and independent?

Independence is a related term of independent. As nouns the difference between independence and independent is that independence is the state or quality of being independent; freedom from dependence; exemption from reliance on, or control by others; self-subsistence or maintenance; direction of one’s own affairs without interference while independent is a candidate or voter not affiliated with

What are the advantages of being independent?

Advantages of being Independent. Builds your Confidence; Being Independent in life helps you to be more confident as you are mentally prepared that you have to manage all the issues in life single-handedly and do not have to rely on others to help you make decisions. Independent people naturally tend to be a little more confident in handling

What does independent of each other mean?

When we say data are independent, we mean that the data for different subjects do not depend on each other. When we say a variable is independent we mean that it does not depend on another variable for the same subject. For instance, if we are trying to predict the weight of adult humans, we might gather a sample of adults, and collect various

What is the full meaning of independent?

The definition of independent is someone or something that is free from the influence or control of another. An example of independent is someone who lives on their own and supports themself. Not dependent; not contingent or depending on something else; free. (politics) Not affiliated with any political party.