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What is a summary about the Whirligig?

What is a summary about the Whirligig?

Whirligig is a 1998 novel by Paul Fleischman. It is about a teenager who builds a Whirligig in each of the corners of the United States in order to pay restitution (and to find redemption for himself) after he kills another person, by accident, in a suicide attempt by car crash.

What is the main idea of Whirligig?

That actions have consequences is the central theme of Whirligig. This theme is developed over and over as Brent travels to the four corners of the country to fulfill the request of Lea Zamora’s mother.

How does the Whirligig impact Steph’s life?

How does the whirligig impact Stephanie? Stephanie is a realist and sees things in a very logical way. That day by the whirligig, Stephanie met the little brother of her now-boyfriend. Even though Stephanie still is a logical person, she now is less skeptical about things like fate/things happening for a reason.

What happens in Whirligig chapter4?

The man comes from Puerto Rico, where his family lives in the mountains until his father has to sell their farm to the power company. They move to San Juan, on the coast. People argue there all the time – for the government, against the government or about whether Puerto Rico should join the United States.

Where does he hang his last whirligig?

Where does he hang his last whirligig? In Maine, outside the painter’s house, by removing a birdhouse and replacing it with his whirligig.

What does a Whirligig symbolize?

Whirligigs further represent the far-reaching consequences of action by serving as catalysts for significant realizations for people Brent has never met and will in all likelihood never meet.

How did Brent change in whirligig?

uild the whirligig . Brent becomes a new person in the course of his journey; he becomes the person that he truly is, without the fake attributes. Brent Bishop begins his change right before the crash. He decides that he no longer wants to be controlled by those around him, but to be a one-of-a-kind individual.

What is the theme of Chapter 2 in whirligig?

What is a possible THEME for chapter 2? There is power in positive thinking.

What do whirligigs look like?

Whirligig beetles look like a blur as they gyrate endlessly around each other on the water. These beetles are oval, streamlined and usually blackish, sometimes bronzy or metallic. The forelegs are long and slender; the middle and hind legs are short, flattened, and fold tightly under the body.

What is the theme of Chapter 3 whirligig?

Brent is awakened by sunlight through the window and the sound of the bus changing gears. The sunrise he can see through the mountains is like a gift, the gift of a day after a night or the gift of a life after a death.

How is a Brent a hero in whirligig?

Departure. Brent found out that he ended up killing a girl named Lea in his attempted suicide. As an honor to Lea, her mother, who did not believe in retribution, asked Brent to construct whirligigs to put at the four corners of the United States.

What happened in Whirligig Chapter 1?

Brent Bishop, the new kid in eleventh grade, has just committed social suicide at the party he counted on to make him cool. Drunk, enraged and humiliated, he decides real suicide is the only future he wants.

What is whirligig by Paul Fleischman?

Paul Fleischman is the master of multivoiced books for younger readers. In Whirligig he has created a novel about hidden connections that is itself a wonder of spinning hearts and grand surprises.

What is whirligig summary & study guide?

Whirligig Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. This study guide contains the following sections: This detailed literature summary also contains Further Study and a Free Quiz on Whirligig by Paul Fleischman.

Is whirligig based on a true story?

Whirligig by Paul Fleischman tells the story of Brent, a teenager who is affected by a tragic accident, which leads him to a quest of putting four whirligigs across the United States. But unlike what I thought the book would be, the book is not entirely based off of the actions and story of Brent.

What does the whirligig symbolize in the book rest?

After Anthony has a disastrous violin recital, his mother agrees to let him quit and the whirligig comes to represent the concept of rest. In Florida, an unnamed Puerto Rican street-sweeper living under financial duress and his noisy, discordant family goes on a drive looking for peace and quiet.