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What is a Michigan Class C or D high school?

What is a Michigan Class C or D high school?

Effective with the 2022-23 school year, schools with 814 or more students are in Class A. The enrollment limits for Class B are 388-813, Class C is 183-387, and schools with enrollments of 182 and fewer are Class D.

How do I find classmates for a high school reunion?

How to Find Lost Classmates for a Reunion

  1. Pull out your old yearbook or contact your school to get a list of classmates from your year.
  2. Enter as much information as you into the spreadsheet.
  3. Search for classmates on popular social networking groups such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn.

How many high schools are in Grosse Pointe?

Grosse Pointe Public Schools contains 2 high schools.

How many teachers are in Grosse Pointe schools?

Total Students: 6,919
Classroom Teachers (FTE): 438.86
Student/Teacher Ratio: 15.77

What school district is Grosse Pointe?

Grosse Pointe Public Schools
Grosse Pointe Public Schools School District in Grosse Pointe, MI.

Can 8th graders play high school sports Michigan?

Age – Students must be under 19 years old to play school sports except that if students turn 19 on or after Sept. 1 of a current school year, they can finish that school year. 6th graders must be under 13 years of age; 7th-graders must be under 14 years of age, and 8th-graders must be under 15 years old.

How do I find someone I went to high school with?

How to Find Your Friends From High School?

  1. Search your School Records: One way you can try out is to search for the contacts of the person the school records.
  2. Scan Social Media: If the high school authority denies helping you, another trick you can use is to scan through the social media platforms.
  3. People Search Engine:

How do I find someone from my past?

Track-Them-Down Tips

  1. Start with a yearbook, notebook, or letter with the return address or old e-mail.
  2. Go on Facebook.
  3. Go to
  4. Try
  5. Hang on to the addresses.
  6. Spread the net wider.
  7. Double check information sent by well-meaning people.

Are Grosse Pointe schools good?

Grosse Pointe South High School is ranked #475 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college. Read more about how we rank the Best High Schools.

Can you play varsity as a freshman?

Spots on varsity teams are extremely coveted, and often many of those spots will be filled by seasoned upperclassmen. However, there are a select few athletes that dive straight into the deep end, joining a varsity-level sport as a freshman during their first term at Choate.