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What does shut up mean in Czech?

What does shut up mean in Czech?

drž hubu. verb interjection. en — imperative: “Shut up!” +1 definitions. Shut up, man– just shut up and leave me alone.

What does Stani mean in Czech?

staunchly {adv.} stanovy (also: věrně) CS.

What is Joseph in Czech?

Josef is a variant of the masculine given name Joseph, notably used in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, and also in Scandinavia.

What does zabka mean in Czech?

frog {noun} žabka (also: žába) froglet {noun}

What does the word Czechoslovakia mean?

Czechoslovakia in American English (ˌtʃɛkəsloʊˈvɑkiə ) former country in central Europe, south of Poland and east of Germany: formed (1918) by the merger of Bohemia, Moravia, and parts of Silesia and Slovakia, in 1993 it was divided into Czech Republic and Slovakia. see also Československo.

What is the Czech name for James?

Czech first names

Czech English German / Latin
Jakub Jacob, James Jakob / Jacobus
Jan John Johann / Johannes
Jiljí Giles Egidius / Aegidius
Jiří George Georg / Georgius

What is Martin in Czech?

Martin – Martin. Matthew – Matěj, Matouš

How many Zabkas are in Poland?

Żabka Polska (Polish pronunciation: [ˈʐapka]) is a chain of convenience stores in Poland. There are more than 7,000 stores across Poland. Some Żabka stores are located in the Czech Republic.

How many Zapkas are there in Poland?

Today there are more than 2,400 stores across Poland.

How do you say shut up in a fancy way?


  1. be silent.
  2. button up.
  3. clam up.
  4. keep one’s trap shut.
  5. not let out a peep.
  6. say nothing.
  7. shut up.

What is the most common Czech surname?

The most common Czech surnames are Novák (“Newman”), Svoboda (“Freeman,” literally “Freedom”), Novotný (same origin as Novák), Dvořák (from dvůr, “court”) and Černý (“Black”).

What does Kocourek mean?

a promiscuous man
Czech: nickname for a promiscuous man, from a diminutive of kocour ‘tom cat’.

Who owns Zabka in Poland?

Żabka was founded by entrepreneur Mariusz Świtalski in 1998 and in the same year opened its first seven stores in Poznań and Swarzędz. By October 2005, Żabka had 1700 stores throughout Poland. In 2007, Żabka was acquired by Penta Investments.

How many Lidl are there in Poland?

Lidl operates over 10,000 stores across Europe and 525 in Poland.

What does clam up mean?

to become silent
Definition of clam up intransitive verb. : to become silent clammed up and refused to talk.