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Should you redguard the shower pan?

Should you redguard the shower pan?

Using a direct bonded waterproofing membrane (RedGard is such) on the interior of your shower walls over a traditional shower pan is fine. Do only the walls, not any part of the floor. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, including the part about priming the walls.

Can you use red guard instead of pan liner?

No! While RedGard is known as a good waterproofing material, it’s not enough. You can have RedGard as an additional protective measure.

Does tile stick to RedGard?

Can You Tile Directly Onto RedGard? There’s no need to put another layer of product on top of RedGard before you begin tiling. A surface that has been painted with RedGard and allowed to dry is ready for you to apply thinset and install tile. You can install thinset mortar and tile directly onto RedGard.

What goes under shower tray?

Using a mixture of building sand and cement (5 parts sand, 1 part cement), mix up some mortar and apply a relatively thin layer to the area beneath the tray.

How many coats of RedGard can I put on?

To meet the requirements of IAMPO, Two coats should be applied at a rate of 80 sq. ft. per gallon each coat. In all cases the wetfilm thickness should not exceed 125 mils.

What type of thinset do I use over redguard?

The Flexbond modified thinset, which is sold at HD, lists redgard as one of the surfaces it can be applied to and therefore, following manufacturer recommendations, a person should be using a modified thinset like Flexbond over Redgard.

What do you put under shower pan for support?

Mortar is recommended to use under all shower pans. Mortar reduces the risk of your pan slipping or cracking from an uneven surface.

What is best to seal around shower tray?

silicone sealant
Apply an even bead of silicone sealant Start in the inner corner of the shower tray, apply gentle pressure to the trigger of the application gun and work towards the front of the tray in one continuous movement. Ensure that an even bead of silicone is applied. Do not apply too much as it will be tricky to remove.

How to choose the right shower pan?

Good shower pans are shaped and designed to drain efficiently and leave no water behind. You want to select something elegant that will match the mood and style of your shower. Again, there are many options available. Some are subtle and classic while others are a bit flashier. The size and shape also lend a lot to the style of the shower pan.

What is a shower pan used for?

It is used for enclosing the shower and is placed on the floor so that it resembles a pan. You’ll need less time to clean your shower if you own a shower pan. Since it collects your water and makes it flow through the drain, maintenance becomes a much easier task, helping you save time.

Why choose Redi base shower pan?

It is leak-proof and super easy to clean. The Redi Base shower pan is ready to tile so once installed one can customize it quickly and easily. It even comes with a 6lb bag of Redi Poxy which is an easy to use adhesive epoxy. The 2-inch drain is included. It is polished chrome and located in the center of the pan.

Are shower pans waterproof?

You obviously want a shower pan that is fully waterproof but it is also important that it is designed and contoured to drain effectively. Accumulated water will lead to messy and potentially dangerous water. Good shower pans are shaped and designed to drain efficiently and leave no water behind.