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Is there a Gmail app for Mac desktop?

Is there a Gmail app for Mac desktop?

That’s because there isn’t an “official” Gmail app for Mac or Windows. However, a simple workaround is available via the Chrome browser. The latest editions of Chrome for Mac and PC let you turn webpages into individual desktop apps with their own icons.

How do I add Gmail to my Mac computer?

  1. Select the Apple Menu, then select System Preferences.
  2. Select Internet Accounts.
  3. Select Google.
  4. Select Open Browser.
  5. Type in your Gmail Email address and select Next.
  6. Enter your Gmail Password and select Next.
  7. Google will ask permission to access your accounts, select Allow.
  8. The defaults are fine, select Done.

Does Gmail have a desktop app?

‍Unfortunately, Gmail does not have a downloadable desktop app of their own, so we’ll have to do a quick workaround. This guide requires you to use Google Chrome as your main internet browser. We use a Mac in the examples, but the technique works equally well for Windows users.

Why is there no Gmail app for Mac?

No, Google does not make an official desktop email client for Gmail. That means many people are stuck using internet browser windows as the only way to access their Gmail account. Fortunately, there’s a better way — you can use Shift to manage Gmail on your desktop, whether you use a PC, Mac or use Linux.

What is the best Gmail app for Mac?

Best Gmail apps for Mac users:

  • Canary Mail.
  • Go For Gmail.
  • Mailtab for Gmail.
  • Unibox.
  • Kiwi For Gmail.
  • Boxy Suite for Gmail.
  • Mailplane Gmail App for Mac.
  • Wavebox for Mac.

Why can’t I add Gmail to my Mac?

What to Do If You Cannot Add Your Google Account to MacOS Mojave?

  • Solution #1: Change Your Account’s Security Settings.
  • Solution #2: Set Up Your Google Account Using IMAP.
  • Solution #3: Try to Play Around with Captcha.
  • Solution #4: Re-authenticate Your Google Account.
  • Solution #5: Install a Reliable Mac Repair Tool.

Why can’t I access Gmail on my Mac?

Close Apple Mail and restart your Mac. Deactivate Gmail on your Mac, then activate it again. Remove Gmail from your Mac, then add it again. Remove Gmail from Keychain and enter your password manually.

Will Gmail still work with Apple Mail?

You can access Apple Mail on any Apple device, and you can access Gmail on desktop or any mobile device. While you’ll have to go out of your way to download a Gmail app on an iPhone, it’s certainly available.

Why can’t I see my Gmail on my Mac?

Go back to System Preferences, Internet Accounts, select your account and re-tick the ‘Mail’ option. Start mail. Try accessing your email from your iPhone or a different computer. If it doesn’t work there either, it may be a problem with Google.

Can you add Gmail to Apple Mail?

If you use an email provider like iCloud, Google, or Yahoo, Mail can automatically set up your email account with just your email address and password. Here’s how: Go to Settings > Mail, then tap Accounts. Tap Add Account, then select your email provider.

Where is the Gmail app?

From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon (in the QuickTap bar) > the Apps tab (if necessary) > Google folder > Gmail or tap Google folder > Gmail on the Home screen.

Why am I not getting my Gmail on my Mac?

This might be due to wrong or outdated email account settings or a network firewall. Check Mail preferences to ensure your email account settings are current. You can also use the Mail Settings Lookup tool to confirm the settings for Gmail.

Is there a better mail app for Mac?

Best Mac email client for a feature-rich alternative to Apple Mail. Airmail takes the basic premise of an email client like Apple Mail and builds on it with more modern features and an emphasis on speed. There’s robust support for all major email services, including Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, and IMAP or POP3 mailboxes.

Does Apple Store have Gmail?

Gmail – Email by Google on the App Store. This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Where is the Mail app on my Mac?

The Mail app can be found in the Dock at the bottom of your screen. In this app, you select the email provider you want to use: Open the Mail app. Click Mail in the menu bar at the top of your screen.

How do I install Gmail app?

1.1 Get Gmail on your devices

  1. Any web browser—Go to
  2. Most Google pages—In the upper right, click the App Launcher. and choose Gmail.
  3. Android devices—Install and open the Android app.
  4. Apple iOS devices—Install and open the iOS app.

What is the best Gmail app for a Mac?

What is the best Gmail for Mac application?

Apple Mail. I’d dare to say that the Apple Mail email app is one of the most used email apps in the world today.

  • Outlook. If you are used to Outlook on PC or Mac,you’ll be surprised how much different Outlook on iOS is when you first launch it.
  • Spike.
  • Airmail.
  • Spark.
  • Edison Mail.
  • Twobird.
  • Hey.
  • Wrap-up on best email app for iPhone.
  • How to setup my Gmail account on my Mac?

    Launch the “System Preferences”.

  • Click on the “Mail,Contact&Calendars” icon and choose Gmail.
  • Type your email address including your password,and click “Setup”.
  • Place a check next to the mail icon from a list of apps to use with the Gmail account and click “Done”.
  • How to add Gmail to your PC desktop?

    right click on a blank space on the desktop > new > shortcut use this >> or if you are using Chrome: With Gmail open to the Inbox, open the Chrome menu. Select “More tools”, then “Add to desktop” Our automated system analyzes replies to choose the one that’s most likely to answer the question.

    How can I get Gmail shortcut to my laptop desktop?

    Right click on any blank space on your desktop screen

  • Choose NEW from the menu and click on Shortcut
  • For the “location” field type in,then click on NEXT button
  • For the “name” of the shortcut type in something appropriate
  • Gmail
  • Email
  • Awesomeness
  • Click on Next button
  • An icon will now appear on your desktop screen that takes you to Gmail