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How much is a Walther PDP 9 mm?

How much is a Walther PDP 9 mm?


Full-Size 4.5″
Magazines Included 2
Caliber 9mm
MSRP $699.00
10 Round Item # 2858126

Is Walther P99 a good gun?

Of all the semi-automatic pistols out there, the Walther P99 is by far one of the most reliable. Walther by reputation produces some of the most reliable guns in the game today, and the P99 is no exception. In fact, due to it’s glass-reinforced polymer body, it’s extra durable in harsh conditions.

Is a Walther 9mm a good gun?

The CCP was initially introduced in 9mm a few years ago, and while the gun’s excellent ergonomics, trigger and Softcoil system make it easy to shoot and manipulate, the 9mm was still a little too much cartridge in this small gun for some shooters. So, Walther Arms has chambered this excellent carry gun for the milder .

How good is the Walther PDP?

The Walther PDP is said to have a better grip than the PPQ. The Walther PDP comes optics ready and the PPQ does not. The guns have two different sized frames and the PDP has backward-compatible magazines from the 17 round to the 15 round.

Can you conceal carry a Walther PDP?

The 15 round capacity is solid for concealed carry and makes it a competitor in the carry gun segment of the market. The PDP does not print as much as I thought it would compared to the FN 509 Compact Tactical that I typically carry, which has a smaller grip.

What does PDP stand for Walther?

personal defense pistol
The Walther PDP or personal defense pistol has some very aggressive serrations on the rear. But they’re so deep I don’t see them causing issue or discomfort when you’re carrying IWB, unless you have a substantial amount of fat sitting against the slide itself. This gun can definitely be worn at three to five o’clock.