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How much is a Honda NSR?

How much is a Honda NSR?

Motorcycle Insurance:

Model Type Track
BASE MSRP(US) $3,599.00 Find Your Local Honda Dealer
Dealers Honda Dealers
Warranty 0

How fast is a NSR 125?

75 mph

Top speed & performance
Max torque 11 ft-lb
Top speed 75 mph
1/4 mile acceleration 17 secs
Tank range 165 miles

What engine is in Honda NSR 125?

single-cylinder engine
The bike is powered by a two-stroke, RC-valve equipped, single-cylinder engine with a redline at 11,000 rpm. The name NSR125 is taken from the NSR500 GP bike….Honda NSR125.

Manufacturer Honda
Engine 124 cc (7.6 cu in), 2-stroke, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder
Bore / stroke 54 mm × 54.5 mm (2.13 in × 2.15 in)
Compression ratio 6.8:1

Is Honda NSR 2 stroke?

Honda NSR is a two-stroke Grand Prix racing motorcycle built by the Honda Racing Corporation, and also a race replica road motorcycle produced mainly for Asian and European markets. The official factory racing machines series included: NSR250. NSR500 (and privateer-dedicated NSR500V)

How fast is nsr500?

190 miles per hour
Capable of well over 190 miles per hour (310 km/h), the 1989 bikes had more top speed and acceleration than anything else on the track.

How much is an nsr500?

This bike was fully overhauled by GT Motorcycles Ltd. At current exchange rates, that makes this just north of $130,000.

What is the best 125cc to buy?

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  7. Aprilia RS4 125.
  8. Kawasaki J125.

Can you buy an NSR500?

And now you could grab the chance to own a slice of racing history, as a Honda NSR500 has come up for sale on eBay. This Shell Advance Honda NSR500VF was ridden by the ‘King of Slide’ Garry McCoy in the 1998 GP500 class. This is the v-twin version, which has a claimed power output of 170bhp and a dry weight of 132kg.

How fast is NSR500?

Who made the best two-strokes?

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