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How many council houses are there in Lambeth?

How many council houses are there in Lambeth?

Lambeth Council said: “Lambeth has more than 33,000 council homes and our priority is ensuring all of these are safe and well-maintained for all our tenants.

What is band C2 Lambeth housing?

Band C1 & C2 – identified need to move such as homeless households and households lacking bedrooms and facilities. This is a dual band to reflect reduced priority. Band D1 & D2 – low or reduced housing need.

What is Band D in Lambeth housing?

Band D (no medical need): A person will be awarded Band D if they have an illness or disability where rehousing might improve the quality of life of the person, but the living conditions are not considered significantly harmful to their health or functional ability.

How does Lambeth bidding work?

A bid made on Wednesday is treated in the same way as one made on Sunday evening. Bidding is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so we can receive the lists of everyone who bid for a property during the previous week. We will make a shortlist of the top bidders for each property and invite them to view the property.

How do you bid for properties in Lambeth?

To place bids you will need to be on Lambeth Council’s housing register (often called the housing waiting list), and log on using your bidding number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). You can bid using the website or the Home Connections smart phone app.

What does applicant shortlisted bids mean?

Once the closing date for bids has passed a shortlist of interested applicants is drawn up. The shortlist will identify the order of applicants based on who is in the highest band with the earliest band /effective date.

What council tax band is Streatham?

For the exact annual charge for your band in your area, check your council’s website….Results of your search for SW16 3BT.

Address Council tax band Annual council tax