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How do you use currently in a sentence?

How do you use currently in a sentence?

Currently sentence example

  1. This is currently my favorite red car.
  2. Jackson rounded the corner onto Elm Street toward the Renaissance inspired estate he currently called home.
  3. My point here is that currently the planet is producing enough food to feed everyone on it.

Can I begin a sentence with currently?

Yes, you can begin a sentence with the word ‘currently’. It is an adverb of time that can be placed at the beginning of a sentence to describe when an…

Is currently grammatically correct?

This sentence is grammatically correct. Currently being an adverb modifies the verb “is”. This sentence indicates that the boy is a teacher and is continuing with that profession. The sentence represents the whole situation to be in present tense (or present continuous tense).

Is it correct to say currently?

Currently is always redundant. You never need it. You’re not currently working for a law firm, you are working for a law firm. If you’re working there, it’s obviously currently.

When should I use currently?

“Currently” still means “right now” or “at present.” But some grammar gurus say the meaning of “presently” changes to “at a future time.” We are currently working on the proposal. (We are working on it right now.)

What is currently in grammar?

Words like currently and presently are adverbs. They serve no real purpose in your work and can often be omitted. These phrases provide an unnecessary indication of the passing of time. Adding them to your work doesn’t add anything; in fact, they can make your writing longer and less clear than it should be.

What tense goes with currently?

present tense
In English grammar, we use present tense to talk about something that is going on now(currently) or that is true now and at any time. In other words, we use present tense to describe an event in real-time, i.e. happening at that very moment.

Which is correct is currently or currently is?

they are both ‘correct’.

Is it current or currently?

When we use current as an adjective we are in fact referring to something that is present time, or belonging to the present. It is when we use current as an adjective when we run into problems. The word currently is an adverb that is used to mean at the present time.

Is currently and at the moment the same?

Yes, it is redundant since “currently” and “at the moment” mean the same thing. Instead, you could say either: We’re currently overbooked. We’re overbooked at the moment.

What is an example of currently?

Currently means now. You’re currently reading the meaning of the word currently. As with other words you use to refer to the present time, when you use currently, you’re often implying that things might change. For example, if you say you’re not currently dating anyone, you’re hinting that you might in the future.

What is the prefix for current?

The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to “prefix meaning “current”, 4 letters crossword clue….

prefix meaning “current”
+ Prefix meaning “current”
+ Prefix whose last two letters are a prefix meaning the same thing

What is correct sentence?

In order for a sentence to be grammatically correct, the subject and verb must both be singular or plural. In other words, the subject and verb must agree with one another in their tense. If the subject is in plural form, the verb should also be in plur al form (and vice versa).

How do you use presently and currently?

‘Presently’ means ‘soon’, while ‘currently’ means ‘now’. Presently, soon, shortly, and in the near future are interchangeable. Currently, at the present moment or time, now or as of now are interchangeable. Currently I’m in London and I’ll be reaching Paris presently.

Is currently right now redundant?

Currently. The word currently is often unnecessary or redundant. Similar offenders are right now, at this point, at the moment, or even just now. These phrases are often part of a sentence that’s already written in present tense.

What is the current correct spelling?

Currant, current and courant are similar in pronunciation, if not usage. Currant is a raisin-like fruit that is used in pastries and jams, whereas current is both a noun (often referring to flows of electric, air, and water) and an adjective (“occurring in the present moment”).

What is this word current?

Definition of current (Entry 1 of 2) 1a(1) : occurring in or existing at the present time the current crisis current supplies current needs. (2) : presently elapsing the current year. (3) : most recent the magazine’s current issue the current survey. b archaic : running, flowing.

Should a comma be used before the word and?

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Does a comma come after or before the word and?

“And” can do a lot of things, and for some of those things, you’ll need commas. Generally speaking, though, commas usually appear before the word “and” rather than after “and.” If you’d like to read about that, check out our article on commas before “and.” Otherwise, read on. 1 Do you need to use a comma after “and”?

Can you put a comma before using the word ‘and’?

To shine the spotlight on a word you want to emphasize, use regular quotation marks: The word “resolution” gives me panic attacks. I will put a comma before a direct address. Where does the comma go in “Hey Bob” — after “hey” or after “Bob”?

When to add a comma after and?

Seven Places Where You SHOULD Use Commas. This probably the first use of commas you learned in school: separating items in a list of three or more things.

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