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4 hours!!! This is incredible. How is it work? Don’t even want to know. This service offers essay writing in 4 hours. Time is money. In this case, if you want a ready-made essay in such a short period of time, you will need to pay 69.80 dollars. Gradation of prices also depends on the school, terms and requirements for writing works. For 2 weeks it will cost much cheaper, namely, 19.80 dollars.


My order was accompanied by edits for free. If after receiving the work it was possible to make any adjustments, the author refined the order for free. The deadline for completion is 3 days. Free revision is valid for one month from the date of execution. Free completion is not provided if the client has changed the conditions of the initial task, after its execution.


Originally in French, the word essay (essai) comes from the Latin exagium, which means “weigh”, otherwise “check”, “test” (you can see the proximity to the word “exam”). This word refers to prose journalistic works of an average volume with a clear author’s position.

Based on numerous definitions of the essay, available in scientific works, we can propose the most general definition.

Essay (from french essai-sample) – a small volume prose product of a flexible presentation compositio personal opinion of the author on the stated topic.

The genre-proof features of the essay are:

1) personal character of the motivation, perception and illumination of the subject an image that allows you to see a new one in a friend;

2) a special way of representing a subject of speech with the help of associative-emotional structural basis;

3) the opportunity to enter the general cultural background of background knowledge the addressee;

4) ease of speech – free associative composition;

5) increased modality of the text as a reflection of the subjectivity of you or others author’s characteristics.

The team of authors is responsible for their work and performs the work of the work with the highest quality possible. They understand all the responsibility that they take upon themselves when performing work. They undertake to perform only those works that can be done qualitatively. The essay corresponded to all my troubles and general rules.

Support System and Overall Security

First you need to fill in the order form. After that you can understand how much your order will cost. As soon as the work was ready I received a notification in the mail.