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Why did my lash lift not work?

Why did my lash lift not work?

When you have a barrier such as mascara, dirt, dust or oils, it will stop the lash lift solution from absorbing properly, which results in poor lifts. This could be the issue if your lash lift only worked on one eye and not the other; perhaps one eye had makeup or oils left on it.

Can you put mascara on lash lift?

You can wear eye makeup and mascara but avoid waterproof formulas. “While using mascara isn’t necessary if you want to enhance your lift, sticking to water-based mascaras are the best option,” Ocot says. Water-proof eye makeup can weaken the effect of your lift and leave a residue.

What happens if I get my lash lift wet before 24 hours?

If you get them wet before the 24 hours elapse, you risk damaging those bonds and ruining the results. Your lashes will lose some of the curl if wettened, although probably not entirely. Still, if you want to get your money’s worth, try to keep them dry for 24-48 hours.

What’s the difference between lash lift and perm?

While perming the lash actually curls the lashes, the lash lift works differently by lifting the lashes up from the base. By doing this the eyes are opened up, and the appearance of longer lashes is achieved all without the need for extensions!

How do you maintain a lash lift?


  1. Be gentle with your lashes; no rubbing.
  2. Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hrs.
  3. Do not use harsh products on your eyes/lashes.
  4. Use of Sauna/Steam is possible after 24hrs but may weaken the effect of the lift.
  5. No eye make up for 24 hours.
  6. Avoid waterproof mascara’s.

Can I lift my lashes twice?

You may proceed with re-lifting the lashes again for half the time of the initial processing times. *Also it is important to understand that these are chemicals and this is a chemical process to the natural lashes, the ingredients need to be stored correctly and mixed well before application for perfect results.

Why dont my lashes curl with a lash lift?

Any residue or left-over make-up/foundation could affect the lift. You need to store your Lifted solutions in a cool dry place. Make sure to give your sachets a good squish before use and bring them to room temp before beginning the lash lift treatment. Every time the solution is open to the air, it starts to go off.

How do you sleep with a lash lift?

In terms of sleeping, you need to try your best to sleep on your back so your lashes don’t get stuck in one position against your pillow. After 48 hours, your lashes should be set completely, meaning there’s nowhere near as many restrictions on what you can and can’t do.

Can I perm my lashes twice?

The curl from the lash perm should hold for about a month. And this treatment should not be done more than once every four weeks. “The process breaks down the structure of the hair, so it can be quite drying for some people and make lashes feel brittle,” explains Merszei.

Can u wear mascara with eyelash perm?

It’s best to wait at least 24 hours before wearing any mascara or any eye makeup at all. Most mascara contains oil that can break down your lash lift. After that, you want to do your best to make the lift last as long as possible.

Can I get a lash lift every 8 weeks?

A Lash Lift can last 6-8 weeks but can vary from person to person. There is no need for any maintenance appointments in between but you will need to have the process repeated every 6-8 weeks to lift the new hair growth.

How do you rehydrate eyelashes after lash lift?

Use makeup remover to dab at your lashes gently and remove any makeup or mascara residue. Hydrate your lashes by applying a conditioner and then apply the serum at night.

What happens if you perm your eyelashes too much?

Silicone pads moving too often, too much perm solution, or too much time on the clock can all lead to over curled lashes. When your lashes are too curly, it detracts from the purpose of a lash lift—lengthening and volumizing. To fix overly curly lashes, the best solution is a second perm.

How do you wash your face with an eyelash lift?

Wash the lower half of your face the way you usually do, and use a wet cotton pad to clean the area around your eyes and your forehead. From day 3, you can splash water on your eyes as much as you want – water can’t damage your lash lift anymore.

How do you shower with a lash lift?

You must wait 24 hours after a lift and tint to shower. We use 24 hours as a buffer time to allow the lashes to set properly and avoid any issues with the lift. After the 24 hours waiting period you can wash your face and lashes like normal.

Can I get two lash lifts in a row?

Sometimes, Two Sessions Are Better Than One However, these are still chemicals. Thus, it’s important to take time to process your lashes in a way that does not damage them. One way to do this is to take multiple sessions to avoid over-processing your natural lashes and damaging them.

Which is better lash lift or perm?

Difference Between Lash Lift and Perm A lash perm is best for longer lashes since the curling process makes the lashes look shorter. A lash lift, on the other hand, can be used for all lash types, except for shorter lashes because it lifts the lashes right from their roots.

Can you do lash lift twice?

How can I make my eyelash lift last longer?

Tips to Make Your Lash Lift Last Longer and Look Better

  1. Skip the water and makeup for 24 hours.
  2. Don’t pair other beauty treatments with your lift.
  3. Use only gentle and mild skincare products.
  4. Invest in a quality lash serum or conditioner.
  5. Avoid waterproof mascara with your lash lift.