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Why did kazinsky leave The Hobbit?

Why did kazinsky leave The Hobbit?

Rob Kazinsky has revealed that “a health issue” prompted him to leave the cast of The Hobbit. The former EastEnders actor had been cast as dwarf Fili in the Lord of the Rings prequels, but his departure was confirmed by director Peter Jackson on his official Facebook account yesterday.

How old is kazinsky?

38 years (November 18, 1983)Robert Kazinsky / Age

Why did Robert Kazinsky change his name?

However, he dropped out of the New Zealand-based blockbuster citing personal reasons. Born Robert John Appleby, Kazinsky changed his name as his career started to gather pace. He’s lived in LA for more than a decade. Interestingly, he claims he didn’t move overseas for work, but rather, for someone special.

Who was originally cast as fill in The Hobbit?

BRITISH actor Rob Kazinsky was originally cast in the role of Fili for The Hobbit films. He can be seen on the first production v-log walking around the Bag End set with other members of the cast during the “blocking” phase of pre-production.

Why was Fili cast late?

Eastenders actor Rob Kazinsky has dropped out of The Hobbit, citing a “health issue” as the reason for his departure from the New Zealand production. Rob, who played womanising Sean Slater in the BBC1 soap, was cast as the dwarf Fili, brother of Kili (Aidan Turner) and nephew of Thorin (Richard Armitage).

Did they recast Fili in The Hobbit?

Peter Jackson has recast the role of Fili in The Hobbit after Robert Kazinsky quit the project for “personal reasons” last month. Dean O’Gorman, the star of The Almighty Johnsons in his native New Zealand, will now play the dwarf character in the Lord Of The Rings prequel.

How tall is kazinsky?

6′ 0″Robert Kazinsky / Height

Who is Rob Kazinsky dating?

Kazinsky is currently dating Chloe Dykstra, whose recent story involving Chris Hardwick got a very big conversation going about the #MeToo movement, and has also seemingly erased Hardwick from the entertainment industry at the moment.

How tall is Max Martini?

6′ 1″Max Martini / Height

Who plays Randy in hot pursuit?

Robert Kazinsky
Hot Pursuit (2015) – Robert Kazinsky as Randy – IMDb.

Is Kíli part elf?

TL;DR: Thorin is half-elf, and Fili and Kili are themselves both part elf and half-human. The two young dwarves represent the union of Elves, Men, and Dwarves that once existed before Dale fell, and which will rise again.

Who is Max Martini married to?

Kim RestellMax Martini / Spouse (m. 1997)