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Why are death knight eyes blue?

Why are death knight eyes blue?

Arthas may be gone, but the power he used to reanimate us isn’t (otherwise we would have “died” when we turned on him or when he died). That power is what makes our eyes glow blue.

Can death knights taste?

His sense of taste have been dulled due to the undead rotten tongue. Because Death Knights lack emotions (at least ones correctly roleplayed) they would not get any sort of pleasure from eating tasty foods even if they could taste properly. Because alcohol still works.

Are death knights evil?

Lawful neutral, they’re pretty evil with their willingness to do stuff like raise their allies from the grave and their need to feed off the pain of others, but they generally serve the cause of good. They’re monsters, but they’re your monsters.

Do death knights have to eat?

No, in that as undead you don’t “need” to feed to stay alive. You could go without eating for a substantially long time and never suffer any ill effects such as starvation.

Can Unholy DK dual wield?

Unholy and Blood do not have the option to dual wield.

Which Rune is best for Unholy DK?

Rune of the Fallen Crusader: the staple Runeforge for Unholy Death Knights, you will always see this Runeforge used in both Mythic+ and Raid content.

Can death knights feel love?

They can feel Familial love, such as Thassarian does for his living sister in Borean Tundra, they can even feel genuine bonds of friendship, such as Thassarian and Koltira. They can’t change their nature, but they can try to focus how it expresses itself. The endless hunger will soon take hold of you, death knight.

Can death knights love?

Should I dual wield frost DK?

DW is generally the better pick. 2H can be better in single target if you get a much higher ilvl weapon (15-20ilvls) but will pretty much always fall behind in AoE.

Are Death Knights evil?