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Who won the most Grand Slams in tennis?

Who won the most Grand Slams in tennis?

Margaret Court still holds the overall record for Grand Slam wins with 24, and Serena Williams is one behind on 23, the Open Era record, while Steffi Graf won 22.

Who has won the most Grand Slam matches?

Rafael Nadal
Most Matches Won at Single Grand Slam Tournament

Rank Country Name
1 ESP Rafael Nadal
2 SUI Roger Federer
3 SUI Roger Federer
4 USA Jimmy Connors

Who is best male tennis player of all time?

Roger Federer
1. Roger Federer. Arguably the best tennis player of all time, Roger Federer has done it all. In a 23 year career spanning four decades, the Swiss has spent a combined 310 weeks at world no.

Who won the most Grand Slams female?

Serena Williams
Female tennis players with the most Grand Slam tournament titles as of June 2022

Characteristic Number of Grand Slam victories
Serena Williams (USA) 23
Steffi Graf (GER) 22
Martina Navratilova (USA) 18
Chris Evert (USA) 18

Who played most Grand Slam finals?

Most Grand Slam Finals

Rank Country Name
1 SUI Roger Federer
1 SRB Novak Djokovic
3 ESP Rafael Nadal
4 USA Ivan Lendl

Who’s better Nadal or Federer?

Roger Federer won 82.1% of the games he has played in his career (1242 wins to 271 losses). Rafael Nadal won 83,2% of the games he played in his career (990 wins to 200 losses). On hard courts, Federer won 83.3% of his matches, Nadal 78.8%. On clay, Federer won 76.1% of his matches, Nadal 91.8%, the King of clay !

Who won 21 Grand Slams?

From breaking the Grand Slam record to completing a Double Career Slam and much, much more, it was an absolutely historic two weeks for the Spaniard.

What tennis player has the most Grand Slam wins?

#5 Chris Evert. No woman has played in more Grand Slam Singles’ final than the American Chris Evert.

  • #5 Martina Navratilova. Joint 5th on the list is Czech-American Martina Navratilova.
  • #4 Helen Wills Moody.
  • #3 Steffi Graf.
  • #2 Serena Williams.
  • #1 Margaret Court.
  • Who has the most Grand Slam tennis wins?

    Roger Federer. By the age of 11,Roger Federer had established himself as one of his nation’s biggest junior tennis players.

  • Serena Williams. Serena Williams is the most famous female tennis player with 23 Grand Slam singles championships during the open period.
  • Novak Djokovic.
  • Margaret Court.
  • Rafael Nadal.
  • Steffi Graf.
  • Pete Sampras.
  • Helen Wills.
  • Who has won the most grand slams?

    Nadal now owns a record 21 Grand Slam titles and Kasatkina hopes the Spaniard will go down with the most Grand Slams. “He’s always the only one. Even when Nadal only had 14. I always said that he would win the most.

    Who is the best Grand Slam winner?

    1994: Best Musical – Passion

  • 2000: Best Play – Copenhagen
  • 2002: Best Play – The Goat,or Who Is Sylvia?
  • 2005: Best Play – Doubt
  • 2006: Best Play – The History Boys
  • 2009: Best Play – God of Carnage
  • 2010: Best Revival of a Play – Fences
  • 2011: Best Musical – The Book of Mormon
  • 2012: Best Revival of a Play – Death of a Salesman