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Who won a triple threat match at Fastlane 2016 to earn a world title shot at WrestleMania 32?

Who won a triple threat match at Fastlane 2016 to earn a world title shot at WrestleMania 32?

Roman Reigns will face Triple H for the WWE world title at WrestleMania 32 after defeating Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose at Fastlane. The Samoan beat the Beast Incarnate and his best friend The Lunatic Fringe in a triple threat match to earn the right to challenge The Game on April 3.

Who won fast Fastlane 2021?

Roman Reigns
Fastlane 2021 results: Reigns prevails over Bryan after Edge leaves his mark amid all-out chaos. Edge made his presence felt in a major way as Roman Reigns retained the Universal Title in a wild melee against Daniel Bryan.

Did Roman Reigns win Fastlane last night?

The result of the main event of WWE Fastlane on Sunday will lead to one of two outcomes: Daniel Bryan is added to the WrestleMania 37 Universal championship match or simply the original plan — Roman Reigns vs.

Who has the fastest pin in WWE?

  1. Chris Jericho and Jerry Lawler Def. Tazz and Naked Mideon—Three Seconds.
  2. The Rock Def. Big Boss Man—Five Seconds.
  3. Diesel Def. Bob Backlund—Eight Seconds.
  4. Kane Def. Chavo—Nine Seconds.
  5. Sheamus Def. Zack Ryder—10 Seconds.
  6. Kofi Kingston Def. The Brian Kendrick—11 Seconds.
  7. Sheamus Def. Daniel Bryan—18 Seconds.
  8. Rey Mysterio Def.

Who was The Fiend at Fastlane?

Bray Wyatt
‘THE FIEND’ Bray Wyatt made a shocking return at Fastlane with a terrifying new look and helped Alexa Bliss beat Randy Orton.

Is The Fiend still on WWE?

While WWE released a swathe of Superstars during 2021, one of the most shocking names was perhaps ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt who was let go on July 31st.

Who won at WrestleMania Fastlane?

Eight matches were contested at the event, including one on the Kickoff pre-show. In the main event, Roman Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan to retain the Universal Championship with Edge as the special guest enforcer.

When was Fastlane 2016 WWE?

Fastlane (2016) Jump to navigation Jump to search. 2016 WWE pay-per-view and WWE Network event. Fastlane (2016) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event and WWE Network event produced by WWE. It took place on February 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

Who won the Fast Lane match?

“Roman Reigns wins at Fast Lane, sending him to Wrestlemania”. The Baltimore Sun. Retrieved February 23, 2016. ^ a b c Caldwell, James (February 21, 2016). “2/21 WWE Fast Lane Results – CALDWELL’S Complete Live PPV Report”.

Is Fastlane pay-per-view?

A second Fastlane event was scheduled for February 21, 2016 at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, thus establishing Fastlane as an annual pay-per-view for the promotion.

What happened during the Kalisto match at Fastlane?

During the Fastlane Kickoff pre-show, Kalisto defended the United States Championship against Alberto Del Rio in a Two-out-of-three falls match. Kalisto won the first fall by disqualification after Del Rio attacked him with a chair. Del Rio won the second fall after a Double Foot Stomp on Kalisto, who was hanging on the middle rope.