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Who played on a line with Gretzky?

Who played on a line with Gretzky?

Edmonton quickly made an impact, qualifying for the play-offs in their first year in the NHL. The Oilers advanced to the Stanley Cup finals in the 1982–83 season behind the play of Gretzky and a stacked team that featured future Hall of Fame members Mark Messier, Glenn Anderson, Jari Kurri, and Paul Coffey.

Is Gretzky still the greatest?

Wayne Gretzky truly is the greatest hockey player that ever was. The four-time Stanley Cup champion’s name is written all over the NHL record and history book. Gretzky truly was a generational talent, the likes of which one may never see again in the NHL.

Who was Gretzky’s wingman?

And when it came to the Edmonton Oilers’ glory years in the mid-1980s, Wayne Gretzky most certainly had his Jari Kurri. The soft-spoken Finn set a standard for sidekicks while playing wingman to No.

Who protected Gretzky?

During his tenure with Edmonton, he notably protected Wayne Gretzky as an “on-ice bodyguard” during Gretzky’s early career. Semenko won two Stanley Cups with the Oilers in 1984 and 1985….

Dave Semenko
Playing career 1977–1988

Who was better Messier or Gretzky?

While both are 1-2 all time in total points Gretzky, of course, dominates Messier across the board. Messier certainly played a more physical game as evidenced by his edge in penalty minutes (1,910 vs 577).

Did Messi and Gretzky play together Rangers?

I’ll make that clear.” Gretzky and Messier spark the Rangers to the Eastern Conference Final in 1997 before they are eliminated by the Philadelphia Flyers in five games. Messier then leaves to go to the Vancouver Canucks, and Gretzky plays two more seasons with the Rangers before retiring in April 1999.

Did Gretzky and Messier play together?

Today: Gretzky and Messier are the Odd Couple. Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky played just one season together in New York, but the reunion of two men who won four Stanley Cups together in Edmonton got loads of attention. The two landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and Rangers promoted it plenty themselves.

Is Ovechkin better than Gretzky?

If you’re doing the math at home, Ovechkin currently sits 127 goals behind Gretzky. Right now, Gretzky has played in 241 more games than Ovechkin. Gretzky averaged 0.61 goals-per-game over the course of his career, while Ovechkin currently owns an average of 0.61 goals-per-game.