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Who owns Express Newspapers?

Who owns Express Newspapers?

The Daily Express, Sunday Express and are published by Express Newspapers – a subsidiary company of Reach PLC. Reach PLC is Britain’s largest newspaper, magazine and digital publisher, with a print and online portfolio reaching 45.8million people in the UK every month.

Is the Daily Express liberal or conservative?

Political allegiance With the exception of the 2001 general election when it backed the Labour Party, and the 2015 general election when it backed the UK Independence Party, the newspaper has declared its support for the Conservative Party at every general election since World War II.

What is the price of Indian Express newspaper?


Period Anual Cover Price Subscription on Charges
1 Year (12 Issues) Rs. 900/- Rs. 720/-
2 Year (24 Issues) Rs. 1,800/- Rs. 1,350/-
3 Years (36 Issues) Rs. 2,700/- Rs. 1,890/-
International Subscription rate for One Year is US$ 175

Who reads the Sunday Express?

Reach was higher among adults over the age of 35 than for the 15 to 35 age group, with 20.18 million and four million readers respectively….

Characteristic Daily Express ( Daily Express/Sunday Express (
Adults 15-34 6,815 6,768
Adults 35+ 20,183 19,957
London 4,058 4,038
Scotland 2,411 2,393

Is the Daily Express a tabloid?

Like its sister publication the Daily Star, it is a tabloid newspaper, but the Sunday Express is published in a combined broadsheet and tabloid format. By the end of the 20th century, the circulation of the Daily Express had reached about one million.

What is Express News? is a sketchy website which attempts to trick users into accepting its notifications request. may tell users that they need to click Allow on its “Show notifications” pop-up box if they wish to access a page, solve a CAPTCHA, play a video, etc.

Which newspaper is best for Upsc the Hindu or Indian Express?

The Hindu newspaper
The Hindu newspaper Most UPSC faculty and senior candidates recommend “The Hindu” for UPSC preparation because of its high standards and comprehensive coverage. The Hindu newspaper reading has become an important part of UPSC preparation.

Who owns the New Indian Express?

The New Indian Express

The April 2011 redesigned front page of The New Indian Express
Owner(s) Express Publications (Madurai) Limited
Editor-in-chief G. S. VASU
Founded 1932 in Madras, British India, Bifurcated from The Indian Express and renamed in 13 August 1999
Language English

What is the audience of the Daily Express?

The Daily Express had a monthly audience of around 2.7 million individuals from April 2019 to March 2020 in the United Kingdom. Reach was higher among adults over the age of 35 than for the 15 to 35 age group, with 20.18 million and four million readers respectively.

What type of person reads The Guardian?

The paper’s readership is generally on the mainstream left of British political opinion, and the term “Guardian reader” is used to imply a stereotype of liberal, left-wing or “politically correct” views.

Who owns the Express and Star?

The Express & Star is one of the few independent newspapers still operating in the UK, having been under the continuous ownership of the Graham family almost since its inception. It is owned by the Midland News Association (MNA), which also owns the Shropshire Star newspaper.