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Who is the AM for Gower?

Who is the AM for Gower?

Rebecca Evans (politician)

Rebecca Evans MS
Member of the Senedd for Gower
Assumed office 6 May 2016
Preceded by Edwina Hart

Who is the head of the Welsh Assembly?

Mark Drakeford (born 19 September 1954) is a Welsh Labour Party politician serving as First Minister of Wales and Leader of Welsh Labour since 2018.

Which constituency does Vaughan Gething represent?

Gething was selected as the Welsh Labour candidate for the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency in the Senedd.

How many Senedd members are there?

There are sixty members, with forty members chosen to represent individual Senedd constituencies, and twenty to represent the five electoral regions of the Senedd in Wales.

Who is the Assembly Member for Swansea?

Swansea West (Senedd constituency)

Swansea West Gorllewin Abertawe
Created 1999
Party Labour
MS Julie James
Electoral region South Wales West

Who is the Welsh Assembly Member for Wrexham?

Lesley Griffiths

Lesley Griffiths MS
Member of the Senedd for Wrexham
Assumed office 3 May 2007
Preceded by John Marek

How many Assembly members are there in Wales?

Where is Mark Drakeford from?

Carmarthenshire, United KingdomMark Drakeford / Place of birth

What are Welsh assembly members called?

A holder of this office was formerly known as an Assembly Member (AM; plural: AMs; Welsh: Aelodau’r Cynulliad; AC, plural: ACau), under the legislature’s former name, the National Assembly for Wales, from its inception in 1999 until 2020 when it adopted its current names, Welsh Parliament, and Senedd Cymru, simply …

Who is the AM for Llanelli?

Lee Waters

Lee Waters MS
Member of the Senedd for Llanelli
Assumed office 6 May 2016
Preceded by Keith Davies

What is the meaning of Gething?

The Celtic name of Gething was derived from the rugged landscape of Wales. This old, proud name is from the Welsh personal name Gethin. According to some experts, this forename is derived from the word “cethin,” which means “dusky” or “dark.”

How much do Senedd members earn?

Member of the Senedd
Inaugural holder 1st National Assembly
Formation 1999
Unofficial names Member of the Welsh Parliament; Welsh Parliament Member; Assembly Member (AM; 1999—2020)
Salary £ 67,649

Who is the Welsh Health Secretary?

Minister for Health and Social Services

Minister for Health and Social Services of Wales
Incumbent Eluned Morgan MS since 13 May 2021
Welsh Government Department of Health and Social Services
Style Welsh Minister
Status Cabinet Minister

Who is MS for Wrexham?

How old is Nicola Sturgeon?

51 years (July 19, 1970)Nicola Sturgeon / Age

What age is Mark Drakeford?

67 years (September 19, 1954)Mark Drakeford / Age