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Who is Sheree funsch?

Who is Sheree funsch?

Funsch is CEO of LaDove, a Miami-based “one stop development boutique” where haircare and skincare products are tested and developed. Basically Mrs. Funsch manufactures many of the products you can buy in a fancy salon or uptown shopping mall, you just don’t know it.

Who is Daniel funsch?

Dan Funsch is the longtime chairman and CEO of Intarome Fragrance Corp, his privately-owned New Jersey-based firm that specializes in the manufacture of custom fragrances and flavors used in cosmetics and other personal care products.

Who are Reza’s business partners?

ABOUT | Reza Be Obsessed. Through a chance meeting at a dog park in LA, Reza met his business partner Sheree LaDove Funsch. Sheree, a chemist and owner of LaDove Inc.

What is Reza’s net worth?

Reza was also one of the starting members of the series and his net worth sky-rocketed to $7 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Reza Be Obsessed has been bringing in a lot of coin for Reza since creating the beauty line in 2019.

Is Reza still in the shampoo business?

Reza Farahan has his own line of haircare products. But when he’s not promoting gold-infused shampoo and conditioner for Reza Be Obsessed, the Shahs of Sunset entrepreneur is still hustling in his longtime gig as a real estate agent.

Why did the Shahs of Sunset leave Iran?

Reza, GG, MJ, Asa, Mike and Sammy hail from the Iranian families the Islamic revolution was dismantling, so those families fled to America and regrouped in, uh, Beverly Hills. Okay, several say they had to leave most of their possessions behind and their starter homes in Beverly Hills were low-end.

Does Reza still sell real estate?

“The real estate business is still thriving.

How did Asa make her money?

Many of the cast members are also successful professionals. She’s also created her own line of hair extensions and used her love of all things cannabis-related to launch a line of medicinal THC and CBD products under her own brand, WüSah. She’s reportedly one of the top earners on the show, at $12 million.

Is Asa still with Jermaine Jackson?

Asa Soltan Rahmati is enjoying some precious quality time with her family. The Shahs of Sunset alum recently took to Instagram to share the cutest photo with her adorable little boy, Soltan Jackson, whom she shares with partner Jermaine Jackson Jr.

How does MJ on Shahs make money?

Many of the cast members are also successful professionals. She’s reportedly one of the top earners on the show, at $12 million. Meanwhile, MJ is one of the top Keller Williams real estate agents in the Beverly Hills area, with an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Where does MJ from Shahs live now?

For much of Shahs of Sunset Season 8, Javid was not actively filming with the rest of the cast. So, people have been wondering where the star lives. In 2018, she moved into a new home in Los Angeles with her husband.

What does NEMA do for a living?

He may be a star on his own show, but his actual job involves behind the scenes work. Outside of the show, Nema is the president of Extras on Avail, a company that provides extras and other actors to various productions.

Is Paulina from Shahs Persian?

Like the majority of her Shahs of Sunset BFFs, Paulina is of Persian origin. Additionally, a comment on Paulina’s birthday Instagram post reveals she has a brother, Pej. According to his social media, Pej Ben-Cohen is a trial lawyer who has three daughters Paulina is an aunt to.