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Who is Painis Cupcake?

Who is Painis Cupcake?

Painis Cupcake is a RED Soldier TF2 Monster created by YouTube user RubberFruit. He is one of the first and most popular TF2 Freaks to ever come to the TF2 Freak World.

What does soldier say in TF2?

“Fire, fire, fire!”

Who is Hoovydundy?

Hoovydundy is a RED Heavy TF2 Monster, created by YouTube user Pree Spunky. Unlike most Freaks, it doesn’t possess any designated theme.

What are TF2 freaks?

The TF2 Freaks, also known as TF2 Monsters (or GMod Monsters if made only in Garry’s Mod) are bizarre creatures with incredible abilities that are made by various YouTube users from all around the world using the Team Fortress 2 models as the base. Their history began with their debut on 31 December 2008.

Who is pinkis cupcake?

Pinkis Cupcake is the Element of Bloodlust in the group of Pony freaks known as the Elements of Insanity. Pinkis Cupcake is the body of Pinkie Pie merged with the soul of the famous Painis Cupcake. She is voiced by Bree Faith/Brittany Lauda/WubcakeVA when she is happy.

Who is team killer in TF2?

Team Killer is an undead RED Scout TF2 Monster. He was created by YouTube user Lemurfot and is based on various villains from well-known horror/slasher films.

Who is the first TF2 freak?

Ninja Spy:
7 September 2011 – Ninja Spy: becomes the first BLK TF2 Freak.

Is Heavy intelligent?

Heavy is very smart, but cannot speak English well, and thus sounds like a big, friendly idiot. Soldier and Medic are not idiots, they are a bit crazy. Pyro is schizophrenically disabled. The only one that is kind of legit dumb is Scout.

Who is RariFruit?

RariFruit is a GMOD Freak, she is a combination of RubberFruit and Rarity, created by TheInvertedShadow.

Who is Fluttershout?

Fluttershout is a combination of an Alternate-Universe Fluttershy and GAYPENlS with a lighter coat, a red mane, a white tail and heterochromia eyes (right eye being red, left eye being blue). She wears GAYPENlS’ Dr. Dappers Topper and has a cutiemark of a bloody butterfly-formed speaker.

What is TF2 Pyros name?

The Pyro is a mumbling pyromaniac of indeterminate origin who has a burning passion for all things fire related. As shown in Meet the Pyro, the Pyro appears to be insane and delusional, living in a utopian fantasy world known as Pyroland….Bio.

Name: Unknown
Motto: “Mmph mmmph mph-mph mmph mmmmph!”

Is painis cupcake the strongest monster in TF2?

Painis Cupcake is possibly one, if not the strongest monster that the TF2 Freak World has ever seen, as he is one of the oldest ones and has many abilities which let him stand out among the most powerful Monsters. Due to his cannibalistic lifestyle, Painis Cupcake has brutal force as one of his primary combat abilities.

Is there an inkling version of painis cupcake?

He is an Inkling version of Painis Cupcake. Cringy Anime Elder God: Known officially as Shredowmas Sparkle, aka Shreksparkle Shadowthomas, created by Meme Expert™. They will layer you but was exploded by Soldier’s “Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” Power.

Is painis Cupcake a Cow Mangler?

Painis Cupcake is vulnerable to Cow Mangler 5000 when Badass Sniper used one to kill him. Painis Cupcake is a fictional character who likes to eat people. His TRUE origin will be revealed in a movie with Michael Bay playing Cupcake. Exclusive footage of Painis Cupcake.

How do you destroy painis cupcake’s übercharger?

And also according to this YouTube video named “Why Painis Cupcake never eats Medics” by Chasolk, it was revealed that Painis’ Übercharger can be destroyed by either knifing him in the stomach which disables his Self-Über, or draining his strength with an Übersaw, making him vulnerable and easy to kill temporarily.