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Who is Datacom owned by?

Who is Datacom owned by?

Datacom Group

Type Private company
Revenue NZ$1.29 billion (2019)
Net income NZ$42.02 million (2019)
Owners Evander Management (51 per cent) New Zealand Superannuation Fund (35 per cent) The remainder of the shares are owned by individual staff members under a grandfathered share programme.
Number of employees 6,500 (2019)

Is Datacom a NZ company?

Datacom is Australasia’s largest homegrown tech company. We proudly bring together technology and expertise to deliver sustainable solutions for some of New Zealand and Australia’s largest and most successful corporations.

What Datacom means?

Telecommunications / data communications, also known as Telecom & Datacom, is the exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means and refers to all types of voice, data and video transmission.

Who is the CEO of Datacom?

Greg Davidson (Apr 1, 2018–)Datacom Group / CEO

Is Datacom a good company to work for?

Good job. This was a good job with ability to progress, it takes time to get used to the pressure of working in a call centre environment, however Datacom try and make that easier for you with activities going on in the company such as events for holidays or birthday cake day etc.

Where is Datacom based?

The company’s ultimate parent is New Zealand-based, Datacom Group Limited.

What is Datacom known for?

Datacom is New Zealand’s biggest tech company. Datacom designs and handles IT systems for corporate and public sector clients, and also offers a consulting service. It helps customers improve their platforms, and transforms outdated IT functions to more modern, cloud-based systems.

What is datacom engineer do?

Datacom Engineer 1. Project implementation, such as technical design & plan, hardware supervision and commissioning, acceptance testing, etc. 2. Provide LLD Network Planning and Pre-sales technical support for allocated project; 3.

What type of company is Datacom?

foreign owned private company
Datacom Australia Holdings Pty is a foreign owned private company that derives its revenue from the provision of outsourced customer support and IT products and services. The company employs approximately 3,180 people and operates predominantly in Australia.

What do you do at Datacom?

We design, build and run IT systems and process for business. We support existing legacy IT systems and processes, and we custom-design brand new ones.

Whats it like working at Datacom?

What do they do at Datacom?

Is Datacom a good job?

Datacom is a perfect jumping ground for those who put in a little effort. Low pay, yes, but you can quickly gain awesome experience in baseline and higher duty roles, then use that as a jumping point for new jobs.

Is Datacom a good place to work?

What do Datacom employees do?

Fun Workplace Answering enquiries that customers called in with, advising them with as much knowledge as possible. Assisting customers with help registering their data that they require to use on the form required by the NSW government.

The company also produced the (then) world’s largest SAP migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, with the world’s largest kiwifruit exporter, Zespri. For its work, Datacom was awarded Microsoft’s Cloud Enterprise Award at the 2013 Microsoft NZ Partner Awards.

Why did Datacom buy a payroll company?

In the same year Datacom acquired a SAP payroll firm in Melbourne to establish a strong relationship in the Australian health sector, and as a provider of SAP services. Datacom purchases WA-based IT services provider, XciteLogic, after it collapses.

What is Datacom doing in the ANZ region?

Datacom opened its third office in Melbourne in April 2016, bring 100 new jobs to the region. In August 2016, Datacom launched its Augmented Reality practice, the ANZ region’s first, focused around Microsoft’s Hololens . In September 2016, Datacom was selected to deliver the Western Australian State Government’s $1bn GovNext-ICT programme.