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Who has the most turnovers in NBA playoff?

Who has the most turnovers in NBA playoff?

Jayson Tatum
Jayson Tatum finishes NBA Finals with unprecedented 100 playoff turnovers.

How many turnovers did Harden?

James Harden has averaged 3.8 turnovers per game in his career.

James Harden 2019-20 35.5
James Harden 2020-21 36.2
James Harden 2021-22 33.0
Total 36.1

Who has the most turnovers in NBA game?

The record for the most turnovers in an NBA game is shared by Jason Kidd and John Drew. Kidd committed 14 turnovers against the New York Knicks on November 17, 2000 while playing for the Phoenix Suns. Drew committed 14 turnovers against the New Jersey Nets on March 1, 1978 while playing for the Atlanta Hawks.

Who holds the record for most turnovers in a game?

The San Francisco Warriors
The San Francisco Warriors have the most turnovers by a team in a game with 45 turnovers versus the Celtics on March 9, 1971.

Who averaged the most turnovers?

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook has the most career turnovers per game with 4.1 per game.

Why does James Harden have so many turnovers?

Turnovers are going to happen. They’re a byproduct of a number of factors: Harden’s time spent handling the ball and creating plays for his teammates and, of course, Kyrie Irving’s unavailability that robbed the Nets of a secondary back court playmaker and shot creator.

Who holds the record for most turnovers in a season?

James Harden
NBA/ABA Leaders

Rank Player TOV
1. James Harden 464
2. Russell Westbrook 438
3. George McGinnis* 422
4. George McGinnis* 401

Who has the least turnovers in the NBA?

The New Orleans Pelicans have the fewest turnovers per game by a team with 14.0 per game.

What’s the most turnovers in one football game?

The Pittsburgh Steelers, the Chicago Cardinals and the Detroit Lions are tied for the most turnovers in a game, with 12 turnovers.

Who averages the most turnovers in the NBA of all time?

Russell Westbrook is averaging the most career turnovers per game in NBA history (4.1).

Is LeBron a turnover machine?

LeBron James James’ penchant for turnovers should be an easy pill to swallow for Heat fans, seeing as the King is currently playing some of the best basketball of his career. He’s shooting over 40 percent from the field, over 50 percent from behind the arc and the Heat are a cool 11 games above . 500.

How many turnovers does LeBron have?

4,788 turnovers
LeBron James has committed the most career turnovers with 4,788 turnovers. Not what you’re looking for?

How many turnovers do Russell Westbrook have?

Russell Westbrook breaks 407-game turnover streak.

How many times has James Harden led the league in turnovers?

Harden’s 464 turnovers are a single-season record. Five times Harden recorded double-digit turnovers in a game.

Who has the most turnovers in NFL history?

Brett Favre
Brett Favre has the most career turnovers, with 363 turnovers.

What is the most fumbles in one play?

Chad Pennington and Kurt Warner are tied for the most fumbles in a game, with 6 fumbles.

Who has the most turnovers in a season?

James Harden has committed the most turnovers in a season with 464 turnovers in 2016-17.

Who has more turnovers LeBron or Jordan?

There is an argument to be made for putting LeBron James over Jordan, and James’ case only grew stronger after he led the Lakers past the Heat in the 2020 NBA Finals….Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James: Regular season stats.

Jordan Totals LeBron
2,514 Steals 2,136
893 Blocks 1,041
2,924 Turnovers 4,788
41,011 Minutes 52,139

How many turnovers is too many?

It’s simple, if your team has 20+ turnovers in a game, there’s a good chance you may not win the game (or not win by much). So if you have upwards of 30+ turnovers it is very unlikely that you will win the game.