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Who has the most liked pregnancy photos on Instagram?

Who has the most liked pregnancy photos on Instagram?

The first photo of Stormi Webster topped Queen Bey’s pregnancy reveal and other top photos on the app. Kylie Jenner’s first photo of her newborn, Stormi Webster, is now officially the most-liked photo on Instagram—with 13.5 million likes and counting.

What month do you get pregnancy photos?

While the best time frame for a maternity photo session is around 28 to 36 weeks of the pregnancy, expecting mothers can enjoy a shoot as long as they’re not a little too close to their delivery dates and they can still move around with a growing baby bump.

How far along was Beyoncé when she announced her first pregnancy?

Beyoncé was understandably pretty far along, close to five months, before she cradled her bump in a now-iconic orange dress and announced at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards that she was pregnant.

What is Kylie Jenners most liked photo?

1) Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi Webster (15.3 million) As her currently most liked photo to date, Kylie posted the image above of her daughter Stormi in a bubble bath, in March 2020. Captioning it “this pic makes me happy”, fans found the photo adorable and heartwarming.

Who are Beyonce’s twins?

Beyoncé’s Twins Rumi And Sir Carter – Every Photo We’ve Seen Of The Adorable Pair. Twins Rumi and Sir are so grown up!

How old is Blueivy?

10 years (January 7, 2012)Blue Ivy Carter / Age

How old was Beyoncé when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy?

Beyoncé was 30 when Tina & Mathew got divorced and when she gave birth to Blue Ivy. Beyoncé was 31 when Mathew & Gena got married.

Who posted the most liked egg?

According to Guinness World Records this egg photo is still Instagram’s favourite. Agencies When ‘world_record_egg’ had posted the hen egg photo three years back, reality star and businesswoman Kylie Jenner was the owner of most liked Instagram photo.

When did Kylie announce she had stormi?

On February 11, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram Stories to reveal the name of her newborn son: Wolf Webster.

What’s the name of Kylie Jenner’s baby?

Stormi WebsterKylie Jenner / Children

Does Beyoncé tattoo?

The singer only has two known tattoos, both of which are on her fingers and are so subtle that they’re easy to miss. What you may not know is that Beyoncé once had a third tat, which she regretted immediately and started the process of getting removed just one week after visiting the tattoo parlor.