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Who ends up with Negi Springfield?

Who ends up with Negi Springfield?

In chapter 138, Negi reveals that it is Chisame that he is in love with, though Chisame rejects him. It is revealed that Chisame and Negi finally got together after they defeated the Mage of the Beginning for good.

Who did Nagi Springfield marry?

According to Negi’s line in chapter 132, Nagi is still controlled by the Mage of the Beginning. It’s revealed that Nagi and Evangeline married sometimes after fight against the Mage of the Beginning in the alternate world (The timeline after Asuna returned from the future).

Is Negi a girl?

The series follows Negi Springfield, a 10-year-old boy from Wales with magic powers, who becomes a teacher of a Japanese middle school class of 31 girls. He discovers he is able to unlock many of the girls’ magical powers as they assist him in his adventures.

Who is Negi’s crush?

While there is no good English translation at this time (awaiting confirmation), it seems Negi’s crush was none other than Chisame Hasegawa. So, if you were supportive of this pairing, than this is fantastic news!

Is Tota a clone?

Touta is later revealed to be a clone of Negi Springfield and Asuna Kagurazaka, for the purpose of inheriting their unique powers, being the sole success among 72 Clones.

How old is Asuna Kagurazaka?


Asuna Kagurazaka
Gender Female
Age 13-14 (physically) 100+ (Twilight Princess persona)
Height 163 cm
Weight 74,6 kg

Does Yukihime like Touta?

During each of their meetings with each other, Yukihime, under the alias “Kitty”, and Touta grew close, and he becomes her first ever friend and crush/love interest. Her feelings were so strong that she wanted to meet with him again after centuries apart.

How old is Touta UQ?

Touta is a 14-year-old boy and the protagonist of UQ Holder!, as well as current seventh-placed member of the Numbers. Two years ago, his parents supposedly died in a car accident. At the start of the series, he is being taught by the mysterious Yukihime, who turns out to be the legendary vampire Evangeline.

Who did Yukihime end up with?

Negi looked up to Yukihime, considering her one of the best magicians in the world. (It was said then that during that time Yukihime was in love with Negi’s father Nagi.) However, according to her own words, she is in love with Negi instead.