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Who does yuzu end up with Yugioh?

Who does yuzu end up with Yugioh?

Yuzu would fall in love and get married to Yusho. Together the two have four children: Yuto, Yugo, Yuri and Yuya.

Who is yuzu in Yugioh arc-V?

Zuzu Boyle, known as Yuzu Hiiragi ( 柊 ひいらぎ 柚 ゆ 子 ず Hīragi Yuzu) in the Japanese version, is one of the main characters and the deuteragonist in the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Does yuzu like Yuya?

Yuzu’s feelings for Yūya is actually more than just a friend; when Sora mistook her as Yūya’s girlfriend, she blushes, and is also jealous whenever Mieru makes an advance or calls him “Darling”.

Is Yuzu Yuya mother?

It is eventually revealed that Yuzu is actually Yusho’s wife in the future, making her the mother of Yuya, Yuto, Yuri, and Yugo.

Do Yuzu and Nino get together?

The fact that I really wanted Yuzu to end up with Nino shows that there was that intangible connection between character and reader. Still, I said it before… it was in your face the entire series that this was Momo and Nino’s story. The fact that they ended up together, in the end, makes complete and total sense.

Does Harumin love Yuzu?

When Yuzu reveals her feelings for Mei, Harumi says that she loves her before saying as a close friend in a way that indicates she does actually love Yuzu romantically but decides against approaching her as she already has Mei.

How old is yuzu Yugioh?


Yuzu Hīragi
Gallery | Relationship | Quotes
Gender Female
Age 14
Status Alive

How did Arc-v end?

But at the end of Arc-V, everything began to fall apart. For those who watched the ending, they know Yuya lost his alternate selves which angered audiences the most. Things also escalated with Riley as the heroin was turned into a catatonic infant after sacrificing themselves.

Is Yuya adopted?

It’s implied that technically that the pieces of Zarc and Ray were adopted by their current parents. Yusho realizes he has no memories of Yuya’s birth or Yoko’s pregnancy, suggesting that Yuya was adopted in the sense that reality inserted him into their lives.

Who ends up with Yuzu in anonymous noise?

Who is Matsuri dating in citrus?

Udagawa. They have a very casual relationship, with Matsuri being a regular customer in his cafe since she was little.

How old is Mei citrus?

Mei is a 16-year-old student at the Aihara Academy, an all-girls school as well as the Student Council President.

How old is Yugo from Yu-Gi-Oh?


Age 14
Gender Male
Yuya Sakaki (Standard Dimension counterpart) Yuto (Xyz Dimension counterpart) Yuri (Fusion Dimension counterpart) Z-ARC (Original Dimension incarnation)

What happened to Yuto arc-V?

Upon losing the duel, Yuto was erased from existence and his soul was absorbed by Yuya, but not before entrusting his wishes and his “Xyz Dragon” to Yuya. His Duel Disk was later retrieved by Claude. Yuto entrusts Yuya with “Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon”.

Is Yugioh arc V over?

The fourth and final, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Sound Duel 4 was released on March 28, 2018.