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Who are the Davises?

Who are the Davises?

“We Are The Davises” is a family Vlog YouTube channel. From DIY’s to silly challenges to just about anything that take place day to day in our lives. Shawn Davis is a loving husband and father of two beautiful children.

Where are the Davises?

We are an entertaining family vlog channel based in Florida. Our daily videos show our real life moments, challenges, funny skits, and traveling adventures.

Who is older Kayla or Tyler we are the Davises?

She is also known for being the elder sister of popular YouTuber Tyler Davis.

How old is Kayla from We Are The Davises 2021?

Kayla Davis was born on 17 August 2004. Kayla Davis is 17 years old.

How old is Kayla from PurpleStars02?

Born on 21 January 1999, PurpleStars02’s age is 24 years as of 2022. She was born and raised in a well-settled Christian family from Pennsylvania, United States. She is an American by nationality and has her belief in the Christianity religion.

What school does Kayla Davis go to?

Kayla Davis, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

How old is Kala Davis?

How do you pluralize Davies?

If the name ends in s, z, ch, or sh, you need to add es. That means the Davis family becomes the Davises, the French family becomes the Frenches, the Hernandez family becomes the Hernandezes, and the Glaves family becomes the Glaveses. If the name ends in x, also add es—unless the x is silent.

How do you pluralize Davis?

Plural Last Name Examples: Add es to your last name. Examples: If your last name is Jones, you will change it to Joneses. If your last name is Davis, you will change is to Davises.

What dog breed do the Davises have?

We Are The Davises – Harley is our sweet Maltipoo🐶 | Facebook.

What’s PurpleStars02 real name?

PurpleStars02 or Kayla Ann is an American who is a popular model, YouTuber, TikToker, Instagrammer, and well-known social media influencer by profession. She is popularly known for uploading lip balm collections, fidget toys videos, challenges videos, pranks videos, and vlogs on her self-titled YouTube channel.

How many subscribers does PurpleStars02 have?


Is it Davis or Davis’s?

According to, the nerds of the world will argue heatedly on the subject for eternity, but the most roundly accepted rule is to include the apostrophe, along with an extra “S.” (Davis’s rather than Davis’).

Is it Davis’s or Davises?