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Which newspaper is best in Marathi?

Which newspaper is best in Marathi?

Let’s check the list of popular Marathi newspapers in Maharashtra.

  1. Lokmat. It is the No.
  2. Loksatta. Loksatta is another best Marathi newspapers in Maharashtra, with reporters on the ground and an extensive network of correspondents all around the world.
  3. Sakal.
  4. Maharashtra Times.
  5. Saamana.
  6. Pudhari.
  7. Navakal.
  8. Punya Nagari.

Is a Marathi language daily newspaper?

Parshv Bhumi Marathi-language daily newspaper published from Beed.

What is the name of Marathi language daily newspaper?

Founded in 1881 by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, the daily Kesari was a prominent newspaper of the pre-Independence era with a large readership. It claimed to have circulation of 3500 within two years of establishment and reached up to 22,000 during 1908.

Which is best Marathi news app?

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Which is the No 1 newspaper in Maharashtra?

Top English Newspapers in Maharashtra The Times of India remains the dominant market leader among English dailies. Other Newspapers having good circulation in Maharashtra are Hindustan Times, Mid Day, Hindu, The Indian Express & Economic Times.

Which news paper is best for Maharashtra?

The Times of India remains the dominant market leader among English dailies. Other Newspapers having good circulation in Maharashtra are Hindustan Times, Mid Day, Hindu, The Indian Express & Economic Times.

Who wrote Dnyanoday?

The magazine was later edited by Devdatta Tilak and Bhaskar Pandurang Hiwale, founder of Ahmednagar College.

Which newspaper has highest readership in Marathi?

According to the Indian Readership Survey, Lokmat was the leading Marathi publication during December 2019 to March 2020. The newspaper had the highest readership of over 22 million readers followed by Daily Sakal with over 14 million readers during the survey period.

Can UPSC give in Marathi?

The Prelims exams are conducted in Hindi and English only. However, for Mains you can select any one of the 22 languages which includes English, Hindi as well as Marathi.

Who cleared UPSC in Marathi medium?

Yogesh Patil (AIR 63) cleared the exam in his second attempt. Patil from Nanded went to Marathi medium school in his village. He completed Std XI-XII from a nearby college and then took admission into the College of Engineering of Pune (CoEP) in 2017.

Who started Deenbandhu?

Sharad Nawle,68,said his grandfather,late Dr Vithhal Marutrao Nawle,had started publishing Deenbandhu from Pune during the pre-Independence days. “My grandfather and great grandfather were deeply influenced by the ideology of Mahatma Phule.

Who started Digdarshan newspaper?

Digdarshan (Bengali: বাংলা) was the first periodical of Bengal in Bangla language. It was a monthly periodical published by the Srirampur (Serampore) Baptist Mission and edited by John Clark Marshman who was the son of missionary Joshua Marshman. Its first issue was published in April 1818.

Can MPSC become IAS?

You can become collector through MPSC examination once after few years experience ou move up the ladder from PSC officer to IAS. It is very long path. If you want to become a district collector then you are advised to appear for Civil Services and aim for IAS cadre.

How many IAS are selected from Maharashtra?

In 2015, the number of candidates who were declared successful and were appointed as IAS officers is 23….States’ Performance in 2011-2015 – UPSC CSE.

State No of selected IAS Officers during 2011-2015
Bihar 68
Andhra Pradesh 61
Maharashtra 58
Kerala 54

Can I give UPSC mains in Marathi?

Who established Bombay mill hands?

Lokhande is acclaimed as the Father of the Trade Union Movement in India. From 1880 onwards he took over the management of Deenbandhu which was published from Mumbai. At this time he also quit his job as head clerk in a cotton mill in Mumbai and founded Millhands’ Association, devoting himself fully to social service.

Who is the editor of Deenbandhu?

The founder of this newspaper was an associate of Jyotirao Phule. Complete answer: The Deenbandhu newspaper was started by Krishnarao Pandurang Bhalekar in 1877. Krishnarao was born to a Mali family in Bhamburde.

Which is the first magazine in Marathi?

Complete Answer: Publication of the Digdarshan began in 1840. It was the first Marathi magazine and it was to be published monthly. Digdarshan magazine published articles on various subjects like history, geography, physics, chemistry etc.