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Which is the biggest metro station in Hyderabad?

Which is the biggest metro station in Hyderabad?

Ameerpet metro station is an interchange metro station between the Red Line and Blue Line of the Hyderabad Metro. The Ameerpet Inter-change Metro Station is one of the largest metro stations in India with a sprawling premises over 200,000 square feet (19,000 m2).

What is the fare of metro train in Hyderabad?

It is the second longest operational metro network in India after the Delhi Metro (285 stations) with 57 stations and the lines are arranged in a secant model….

Hyderabad Metro
System length 66.5 km (41.3 mi) (Operational) 5.5 km (3.4 mi) (Under Construction) 58 km (36 mi) (Phase 2 DPR submitted)
No. of tracks 3

Is metro train available to Hyderabad?

Hyderabad Metro Rail services are now made available across the city by connecting three different lines through three interchange stations. Hyderabad Metro Rail is operational from 6 am onwards .

Why Hyderabad is not a metro city?

called as a Metropolitan City. But Hyderabad doesn’t have Good Drainage System. Practical example when its raining all water flows on Roads and because of that traffic jam is occur. This is the main reason why Hyderabad not a metropolitan city.

Is Hyderabad Metro driverless?

Fact, however, is that Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) was the first metro in the country to have opted for most advanced Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) system which enables the metro trains to be run without drivers.

Can we carry food in Hyderabad Metro?

The permissible weight of luggage is up to 40 kg per passenger, but charges will apply if one passenger’s luggage weight exceeds 10 kg. The allowance is one rupee per kg beyond 10kg of luggage. Gunny bags of rice or wheat are strictly not allowed at Hyderabad Metro Rail.

Is liquor allowed in Hyderabad Metro?

Open bottles are not allowed and drinking in the Metro Rail or premises is not allowed,” said NVS Reddy, managing director, Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited What’s more, tipsy commuters wanting to try their luck at boarding the Metro after partying might find it out of bounds if they are ‘heavily drunk’.