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Which is better a chest of drawers or dresser?

Which is better a chest of drawers or dresser?

In summary, a dresser is low, long and great for those that have enough space in the bedroom. A chest of drawers is tall, narrow and ideal for smaller bedrooms.

What size should a chest of drawers be?

Standard Sizes Although there is no standard size for a chest of drawers, the most common size is 38 inches wide. A chest of drawers this size is small enough to fit in most bedrooms, but large enough to have ample storage space. The drawers are also small enough that they won’t buckle or sag over time.

Do you need a chest of drawers?

Chest of drawers are very useful for bedroom storage but you don’t necessarily need one if you have enough drawer storage elsewhere in the bedroom. Other places to have drawer storage include within the wardrobe, dressing tables and bedside cabinets.

What is the purpose of chest of drawers?

Chests of drawers have traditionally been made and used for storing clothing, especially underwear, socks, and other items not normally hung in or otherwise stored in a closet.

What is a good size dresser?

The typical, rectangular dresser usually measures about 60 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 30 inches tall. However, dresser dimensions vary quite a bit. Because waist-high can be a big difference between different people, dresser height can range from as low as 26 inches all the way up to 44 inches tall.

Can you put chest of drawers in living room?

A chest of drawers for you living room is a lesser known living room furniture choice, but is so useful, it should be a staple of the modern living room. They are gorgeous with plenty of drawer combinations to suit, and in many woods and colors to match your existing furniture.

How do I choose a chest of drawers?

How to Pick the Perfect Chest of Drawers for Your Bedroom

  1. Size. The first consideration for your chest of drawers is the size that you need.
  2. Style. You might want to look around the room at your other furniture and try to match the drawers as closely as possible to what you already have.
  3. Budget Solutions.

How much should you spend on a dresser?

The starting range of GOOD dressers would be around $10 – $50 – $70 which then keeps shooting up to $100. Then there are always ‘mad’ expensive items in the store, which isn’t the best idea if you haven’t had the chance to own a home yet. The same prices are also relevant while renting items.

How big is an average dresser drawer?

The standard six drawer dresser’s dimensions differ on many factors, but it generally extends around 36 to 60 inches or 91 to 152 centimeters from side to side. A six drawer dresser will usually have a height of 26 to 44 inches or 66 to 112 centimeters and be 16 to 18 inches 41 to 46 centimeters deep.

What is standard drawer depth?

The standard depth is 12 inches, but you can find other sizes, from 15 to 36 inches.

Is it weird to have a dresser in your living room?

You can indeed add a dresser to the living room. Not only does it add a unique look to the room, it’s also very useful. Placing a dresser in the living room can serve a few purposes: Act as a TV stand or a part of an entertainment center.