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Which ECU can use KPro?

Which ECU can use KPro?

What is the K-Pro ECU? The K-Pro ECU is a specially modified 2002 to 2004 Honda ECU with a USB interface to a notebook PC running Windows. It is currently available for the standard shift Acura RSX base model and Type-S, the US Civic Si and the Euro Civic Type R.

What is a KPro v4?

The KPro4 consists of a hardware modification to certain K-Series ECUs, plus Windows software which allows you to re-program the ECU and datalog sensors. Watch the introductory video. Price. $695 new KPro4 (price excludes ECU) $270 upgrade from working KPro (use this form)

What does a Haltech do?

Closed loop fuel control, fit a Haltech wideband O2 sensor module into your car and we can set it up so that the car can operate with closed loop fuelling. This allows the ECU to constantly monitor the actual Air-Fuel ratio that the engine is operating at versus its target Air-fuel ratio map.

Is Hondata an ECU?

Hondata modifies standard Honda engine computers (ECUs), adding features and expanding the capabilities of the ECU (e.g. for forced induction). These modifications are available either as a reflash, or a fully tunable system.

Can you use auto ECU for KPro?

The K-Pro ECU will not work on Automatic vehicles. Automatic ECUs cannot be converted to manual. To use the K-Pro on a 2005-2006 RSX, an adapter harness is required, an 02-04 specially modified ECU must be modified for used and the primary oxygen sensor from an 03-04 must be used.

What does KPro do?

The Boston Keratoprosthesis (KPro) is the most widely used artificial cornea or keratoprosthesis. It is a treatment option for corneal disease not amenable to standard penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) or corneal transplant.

What is KPro?

How do I know what version KPro I have?

Re: How To Tell Which Version Of Kpro I Have Based on the serial number it is a V2 K-Pro. If it is Red is it V3 and if it is white it is V4.

Is Haltech Australian made?

What Sets Haltech Apart? They’re leaders in the industry. They have a reputation for quality. It’s an Australian-made brand.

Is Haltech Australian?

Haltech is Australia’s top manufacturer of aftermarket ECU, ECU wiring, and other car electronics designed to unlock the potential in your car.

How much does a Hondata cost?


Item Price
FlashPro programmable system (for available vehicle models) $695
Reflash reprograms (for available vehicle models) $295

What did the P28 come in?

Technical Information OBDI Vehicle Reference

Model Year Stock ECU
Civic/Del Sol DX/S 92-93 P06
Civic DX 92-95 P08J
Civic Si/EX/ 92-95 P28
Civic HX 96-99 P2N

Does KPRO work with automatic transmission?

The K-Pro does not support automatic transmissions.

Can you install KPro yourself?

K-Pros are not sold separately to individuals to install themselves. If the dealer is a K-Pro installer then they can get the K-Pro you need and install it and test it for you.

How much does KPro cost?

Cost is $300 which includes shipping (for International customers, cost is $350). Must send working ECU, payment, and completed form to Hondata. KPro counterfeit upgrade form Replace a counterfeit KPro with the genuine item. Cost is $600 which includes shipping (for International customers, cost is $650).

How long does it take to get KPro?

Turnaround time for K-Pros is 3-4 weeks.

Where is Haltech made?

What Sets Haltech Apart? They’re leaders in the industry. They have a reputation for quality. It’s an Australian-made brand.

How do I choose a Haltech ECU?

Your engine requirements will dictate the features you’ll need from your ECU. The number of Inputs and Outputs required will quickly narrow down your selection. From there look at engine specific functionality requirements like Drive-By-Wire throttle, Flex Fuel, Knock Control, Long Term Learning or Data Logging.