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Which country has highest shale gas deposit?

Which country has highest shale gas deposit?

The US Energy Information Agency (EIA) estimates China holds the world’s largest shale reserves of 31.6 tcm (1,275 tcf) of technically recoverable shale gas reserves.

Where is Geopressurized natural gas found?

Most of the geopressurized natural gas in the U.S. is located in the Gulf Coast region. The amount of natural gas in these geopressurized zones is uncertain. However, experts estimate that anywhere from 5,000 to 49,000 Tcf of natural gas may exist in these areas.

Which countries have shale gas?

More than half of the identified shale oil resources outside the United States are concentrated in four countries—Russia, China, Argentina, and Libya—while more than half of the non-U.S. shale gas resources are concentrated in five countries—China, Argentina, Algeria, Canada, and Mexico.

Where does Bulgaria get its gas?

However, the country has an extensive network of gas pipelines that serve Bulgaria’s needs as well as those of neighboring Turkey, Greece, and Macedonia. As of January 1, 2020 Bulgaria has started receiving Russian gas through the Turkish Stream pipeline.

Who are the main players in the Bulgarian gas sector?

There are several main operators in the gas sector in Bulgaria. Other smaller players in the field are Petrol JSC, Shell Bulgaria Ltd, Overgas Inc., Shell Gas Bulgaria JSC, OMV Bulgaria Ltd, Eco Bulgaria Ltd, Bulmarket DM Ltd, V-Gas Bulgaria JSC, Gastrade JSC, Naftex Petrol Ltd, Rompetrol Bulgaria JSC, Insa Oil Ltd, and Synergon Petroleum Ltd.

What needs improvement with Bulgaria’s gas market?

The Bulgarian gas market needs to undergo reforms. Like many markets in the region, demand shows high seasonality, which is managed by storage operations through the Chiren underground storage facility and also by some import flexibility. With insignificant domestic production, supply is over 95% met by Russian imports.

How does Bulgaria’s deal with Gazprom Export work?

Under the contract with Gazprom Export, the wholesale import price is linked via formula to heavy fuel oil and gas oil, and the supplies are under a take-or-pay obligation. Bulgaria was the last of eight east European countries to agree to a price cut after Brussels reached an anti-trust agreement with gas giant Gazprom in 2018.