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Which area is best to stay in Auckland?

Which area is best to stay in Auckland?

Where to stay in Auckland

  • Downtown CBD – you’ll find most of Auckland’s major attractions and hotels in or near the Central Business District.
  • Ponsonby/Herne Bay – the city’s bohemian quarter and where a lot of the best bars, restaurants and cafes are.
  • Newmarket – one of the city’s most elegant suburbs.

What is Auckland best known for?

Auckland is New Zealand’s most populous city and is a multi-cultural hub of food, music, arts and culture. Also known as Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland sprawls over volcanic hills and around twin harbours, offering an exhilarating mix of natural wonders and urban adventures.

What is there to do in Auckland on a budget?

17 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Auckland

  1. Walk the Coast to Coast Walk – FREE.
  2. Get Educated at the Auckland Museum – CHEAP.
  3. Watch a Free Movie in the Park – FREE.
  4. Walk to Silo Park Anyway!
  5. Go to Devonport from Auckland City – CHEAP.
  6. Browse the Auckland Art Gallery – CHEAP.
  7. Lounge on the Beach at Mission Bay – FREE.

Is Newmarket Auckland a good place to live?

Newmarket Located just south of the CBD and the wealthy Parnell district, Newmarket is one of the top districts to find accommodation in Auckland. Certainly, one of the best areas to stay in the City of Sails, Newmarket is the commercial and shopping heart of the city.

Is Auckland worth visiting?

Auckland is a city with a lot of character. As New Zealand’s largest and most diverse city, it is definitely a place to visit if you’re looking to experience an array of different attractions.

Is New Zealand expensive for tourists?

New Zealand is an expensive country all around, both for tourists and for residents. That doesn’t stop people from visiting, though, and it’s actually a really popular destination for budget backpackers. So don’t let the high price tag scare you. Saving up money and creating a budget is a big part of planning any trip.

What can you do for free in Auckland?

  1. Climb a volcano.
  2. Get inspired by arts and culture.
  3. Meet the wildlife.
  4. Find your favourite beach.
  5. Visit the Arataki Visitor Centre.
  6. Hit the walking tracks.
  7. Walk inside a lighthouse.
  8. Cycle the Pink Path.

What is there to do in Auckland on a Saturday night?

13 Things to do in Auckland at Night – Only The Best!

  • Auckland Night Market.
  • Auckland Stardome and Stargazing.
  • Boutique Cinema.
  • Escape Rooms.
  • Auckland Harbour Dinner Cruise.
  • Mini Golf.
  • Night Canyoning at Piha.
  • Sunset Sea Kayaking.

Is Auckland CBD safe?

Increasing assaults, drunkenness and gang violence is becoming the norm in Auckland’s CBD, seeing the inner city fast becoming a no-go zone, says National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown. “It is becoming clear that Aucklanders don’t feel safe in the CBD due to increasing crime and aggression in our biggest city.

How do you pronounce CBD?

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How many days in Auckland is enough?

3 days in Auckland is a good amount of time to enjoy the city. New Zealand’s biggest city has a lot to offer, and you can see most of it in three days. But if you choose to stay for longer, you’ll be able to uncover everything there is to see!

What is the best time to visit Auckland?

The best times to visit Auckland are from March to May and between September and November. These shoulder months offer pleasant temperatures, mostly sunny days (excluding May) and thin tourist crowds.

Where are the best neighborhoods to stay in Auckland?

CBD (Central Business District) – where to stay in Auckland for first-timers. Urban lovers,this one’s for you!

  • Ponsonby – best place to stay in Auckland for nightlife.
  • Parnell – where to stay in Auckland for history lovers.
  • Mt Eden – best place to stay in Auckland for families and nature lovers.
  • Newmarket – where to stay in Auckland for shopping.
  • Is Auckland a better place to stay than Singapore?

    If you’re used to the whole metropolitan modern city environment, Singapore will be better. Public transport is so much better in Singapore, places can easily be approached. Whereas in Auckland, owning a car will be help so much in running everyday life. The weather in Auckland is ever-changing. You’d never know what would happen.

    How many people live in Auckland New Zealand?

    New Zealanders are friendly and down-to-earth people who embrace the spirit of manaakitanga, or hospitality. With a patchwork history of Māori, European, Pacific Island and Asian influences, New Zealand’s population of five million people is a melting-pot of cultures. is made up of people from a range of backgrounds; 70% are of European descent, 16.5% are indigenous Māori, 15.1% Asian and 8.1% non-Māori Pacific Islanders.

    How to get around Auckland New Zealand?

    – How to use public transport – Cheap buses to get around the city centre – Driving in Auckland and New Zealand – Travelling to and from Auckland Airport – Guided tours – Cycle and walk in Auckland – More information