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Where should I stay on Anna Maria Island?

Where should I stay on Anna Maria Island?

10 Top-Rated Resorts on Anna Maria Island, FL

  • Anna Maria Beach Resort. Photo Source: Anna Maria Beach Resort.
  • Palm Tree Villas. Photo Source: Palm Tree Villas.
  • Cedar Cove Resort & Cottages.
  • BridgeWalk a Landmark Resort.
  • Bungalow Beach Resort.
  • Sunrise Garden Resort.
  • Seaside at Anna Maria Island Inn.
  • Tortuga Beach Resort.

How much does it cost to stay at Anna Maria Island?

Anna Maria Island hotels information

Number of reviews 2872
Accommodation 3717 hotels
Lowest Price $179
Highest Price $374

What is the difference between Holmes Beach and Anna Maria Island?

One of the main, and obvious, differences between Anna Maria Island and Holmes Beach is the location the towns are in on the island. Anna Maria Island is located at the northern end of the island, and Holmes Beach is more in the central area of the island.

Is Anna Maria Island worth visiting?

Anna Maria Island has some of the best beaches in Florida for families. With its 7-mile stretch of white sandy beaches, calm blue waters and laid-back living, it’s an incredible destination for a family vacation.

What is the nicest part of Anna Maria Island?

Coquina Beach is the best beach to visit on Anna Maria Island if you are day-tripping. The beach has massive parking lots divided into north and south areas. Another parking lot is also located at the very southern end right by the bridge to Longboat Key.

Can you drink alcohol on Anna Maria Island?

For visitors to Anna Maria Island, and Bradenton Beach, the Bradenton Beach Commission reminds them that animals, alcohol, fires, glass bottles and vehicles are not allowed at any time on any of the city or county beaches.

How much is Beaches Resort per night?

The all-inclusive price of Beaches can be steep (an online bargain adult price recently started at $335 per person, per night; $47 for kids), but it includes non-stop food, drink and plenty of activities like access to the kids clubs in each Village.

Which is better Sanibel or Anna Maria Island?

Anna Maria is more downscale — relaxed — ramshackle. Lots of funky older cottages and places to stay, family style restaurants, souvenier shopping. Although it does have at least one really good restaurant (Beach Bistro). Sanibel is more high scale (and of course a lot more expensive to go with it).

Which part of Anna Maria Island is best?

What’s special about Anna Maria Island?

Anna Maria Island is full of interesting historic attractions like the Roser Church, Bean Point and its scenic views of the Gulf of Mexico and wildlife, and the City Pier. The Bridge Street Pier is a top historic site and gathering area on the island in Bradenton Beach where you can easily spend a day.

Where is the clearest water on Anna Maria Island?

If you like beaches that combine tranquil swimming conditions with a bit of swell, then Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island is the perfect getaway. Known as one of Florida’s most beautiful beaches, this pristine beach offers soft white sand and crystal clear waters.

Can you drink on the beaches in Anna Maria Island?

Are there sharks near Anna Maria Island?

ANNA MARIA ISLAND, Fla. (WFLA) — A group fishing off the coast of Florida’s Anna Maria Island on Thursday were treated to quite a sight when several whale sharks approached their boat.

Is Beaches really all-inclusive?

Beaches is an all inclusive resort which means all the food, drinks and activities are included with the cost of your room, even scuba diving, sailing and snorkeling, which are often additional at other resorts.