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Where can I find Weresheep?

Where can I find Weresheep?


  1. The book “The Legend Of The Weresheep” can be found in the graveyard, to the West of the old church in Cyseal.
  2. Inside Boreas’s Treasure Room in Hiberheim Castle, you can find on one of the tables a note labelled “The Last Weresheep”.
  3. Next you need to speak with the ghost of the Weresheep.

Where is the Cave of Portals?

Luculla forest
The Cave of Portals is an area in Divinity: Original Sin. It is located at the foot of a hill, just southwest of Sacred Stone in the eastern half of Luculla forest.

How do I get into the Phantom Forest?

Unless you have something to do, you can quickly get to the entrance by teleporting to the Phantom Forest Waypoint Portal. From there, head east, and you’ll see a log with green light. This is the entrance, but it’s fatal if you’re not prepared. Give one character one Teleport Pyramid and Zandalor’s amulet.

Where is the Kickstarter tree divinity?

The path comes to a dead-end, but about halfway along, you’ll see a tree with complicated runes on the north edge of the path. This is the “Kickstarter Tree,” and when interacted with, you’ll get a credits roll that features messages written by some of the backers of the game.

Where is Cassandra divinity?

Divinity: Original Sin (Classic) top left corner of the phatom forrest map. Where is her body? Oh thank you. Her body is in the Temple of the Dead behind a fake wall.

How do you get Amulet of Zandalor?

The Amulet can be found in the Wizard’s house. It will be in his bedroom in a jewelry chest next to the waypoint portal. You do not need to wear the amulet to gain its protection, but only the character holding it will gain it. Then you need to make your way to the Dark Forest.

Where is Maradino’s cave?

Maradino’s Lair is hidden in Luculla Forest North. The entrance is located on the cliff above where you meet Frederick. To detect the entrance, you’ll need a character with at least Perception 6, and you’ll need to move him next to the tree and boulders in the area.

Where is the Spider Queen divinity?

The spider queen herself is very near the center of the sands, and she’s out in the open. There is no specific quest to deal with her. The spider queen is offensively strong, but defensively normal. Her main draw is to lay a bunch of eggs that will hatch into Spiderlings after two turns.

Where are antlers in dos2?

Where to find:

  • Sold by Merchants.
  • Found randomly around the game world.

How do I get rid of Cassandra void aura?

To burn it up, you’ll just need to destroy it using fire spells (it’ll be invulnerable to everything else). This will earn you 12,825 xp. With the bones out of the way, when you return to Cassandra (#1), she’ll no longer have her void aura.

How do you get into Maradino’s lair?

How do you open the Troll King cave in divinity?

If you completed Roy’s Menagerie, you will find Timfred at the entrance of the cave. You can talk to him to have him distract all the trolls so you can go into the cave, mine tenebrium, and leave without having to fight any trolls. If not, then simply fight your way through and mine some Tenebrium.

How do I make arrows in divinity?

Arrows Recipes in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition are listed below….Arrows.

Recipe Required Ingredients Requirements
Slowdown Arrow Arrow Shaft + Slowdown Arrowhead Crafting Level 2
Slowdown Arrowhead Oil Barrel + Arrowhead Crafting Level 2
Steamcloud Arrow Arrow Shaft + Steamcloud Arrowhead Crafting Level 2

Can you save Cassandra divinity?

The Titan Head will tell you that to kill Cassandra, you will need to destroy the vessel that contains her “Life Force” (i.e. her corpse). Cassandra’s corpse is buried deep inside Temple of the Dead and so that is where you will go next.

Who created the Scourge?

The Scourge was (and still is) a vast army of the undead created by the Lich King — the being formerly known as the orc shaman Ner’zhul.

What happened to the Scourge wow?

In the meantime, his minions rebuilt Icecrown Citadel as he made his plans for the conquest of all of Azeroth. Finally, after several years, the Lich King awoke and unleashed his Scourge on the unsuspecting world, attacking Orgrimmar, Stormwind City, and Theramore.

Should you give Brandon Tenebrium?

Brandon gives you a special box that can safely hold Tenebrium. Be sure to give this to whichever character you control the most. The proper way to complete this quest is fairly long, but it can be circumvented. All that is required is to find 10 units of Tenebrium Ore.