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Where are Fly London shoes made?

Where are Fly London shoes made?

in Portugal
Stamped on the side of each shoe is a sketch of a fly. This is the company’s logo, and its brand name is Fly London. It’s entirely “Made in Portugal” – but distinctively un-Portuguese.

Are Fly London shoes good for walking?

Not only are Fly London shoes distinct looking, but they provide great support for your feet. They’re one of the most loved funky walking shoes for women and have a huge following, especially among creative types.

Do Fly London shoes have arch support?

1. fly london. My personal favorite brand for arch support shoes is Fly London. My current favorite is their Bani sandal which I have worn very often over the last few months.

Do fly boots come up big?

Our customers and staff report that Fly London is not true to size and on most occasions run large. If you find you are between sizes, we recommend trying the smaller size in Fly London if you have never worn them before.

Are some Fly London shoes made in China?

Now that FLY LONDON hir American, they are made in china and you have to take extra care of them to make them last. They never changed the price.

Are Fly London shoes worth it?

They look tough/cool but are so SO comfortable; the rubber soles, padded insole, and soft leather all work together. I’ve worn them for two entire days of standing & walking, and they were almost as easy as a pair of slippers. My first pair of Fly London shoes, but definitely not my last.

Are Fly London boots made in China?

While parent company Kayia operates its own factories in Portugal, about 80 percent of the Fly London line is sourced in China.

Do Fly London shoes stretch?

I have a wide foot with a high arch and I expect a leather shoe to stretch. These high quality leather uppers are lovely and they did stretch nicely as I expected (started out VERY tight).

Is Fly London Comfortable?

Fly London Bale Platform A bit more snug in the width than the Litas, Ledes, or Yemos (I would consider sizing up), but still plenty comfortable.

Are Fly boots leather?

In terms of materials, the FLY London range is more varied than ever before, we are dip-dyeing shoes in the entire summer palette, we are making them from waxed canvas, soft canvas, and a new range of chunky leathers that don’t need lining, as well as favourites from the past like RUG and MOUSSE… the result is daring …