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What was FD interest rate in 2015?

What was FD interest rate in 2015?

Interest rates are ranging between 6.75% to 8.6% per annum. Private Banks: Almost all banks except for Federal Bank, HDFC Bank and Yes Bank, all others have reduced interest rates for short term, medium term and long term. Interest rates are ranging between 8% to 9.25% per annum.

What was the interest rate in 2015?

In 2015, mortgage rates fell back to 3.85% as the market calmed down. Although they were a little higher to end the year, rates in 2016 averaged 3.65%.

Which bank has the highest interest rate for fixed deposit?

New Delhi: Fixed Deposits (FD) have always been a go-to for the common man in India. FD rates in India are among the highest and safest interest rates in the country. In the last few months, several banks have upgraded their fixed deposit plans.

Is HDFC providing any credit cards against fixed deposits now?

The procedure to apply for HDFC Credit Card against Fixed Deposit is very simple, just you need to know the following facts before applying for HDFC Bank FD Card. You will have to open a minimum ₹20,000 Fixed Deposit in order to apply for FD Credit Card. The Credit Limit of your Credit Card will be 75% of your Fixed Deposit Amount.

What is the best fixed deposit interest rate?

At the time of account opening,the senior citizen must be 60 years old or older.

  • Most of the banks provide senior citizens FDs with tenure ranging from seven days to ten years.
  • A senior citizen FD will give you a better interest rate of 0.25% to 0.75% than a normal FD.
  • Loans can be taken out against a senior citizen’s FD.
  • How much we can deposit in HDFC Bank?

    – There is no limit on number of fixed deposits opened in a bank. – Deposit should be held for a minimum 7 days (15 days for above 1Cr) and maximum of 10 years. – Interest rates vary depending on the amount and time period. – Minimum amount is ₹ 1,000 & might vary from bank to bank.