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What type of leader is Meg Whitman?

What type of leader is Meg Whitman?

As a leader, Meg Whitman mainly utilizes transformational and charismatic leadership styles. Her transformational leadership is evidenced by a number of issues. First, she utilizes intellectual stimulation as a tool to encourage her followers to be creative in the course executive their duties.

What did Meg Whitman do HP?

Meg Whitman is best known for taking eBay from $5.7 million to $8 billion in sales as CEO from 1998 to 2008. She was CEO of Hewlett-Packard from 2011 to 2015, where she oversaw its split into HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Why did Meg Whitman leave HPE?

Meg Whitman will not stand for reelection to the board of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., the company said on Thursday, citing her growing “other professional commitments” as the reason.

When was Meg Whitman CEO of HP?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Previously, Meg served as president and CEO for Hewlett-Packard Co. from 2011 through 2015, as well as chairman of the board from 2014 through 2015, leading the company’s turnaround and subsequent separation into two companies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

What do you think of qualities or characteristics that Meg Whitman as a strategic leader might have?

Whitman attributes the womanly aspect of being a consensus oriented manager–being raised to build consensus, be a team player, not be ego driven, and happy to have other people take credit for things has proven to be effective in the Ebay environment.

Who was the female CEO of HP?

Cara Carleton “Carly” Fiorina (née Sneed; born September 6, 1954) is an American businesswoman and politician, known primarily for her tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP). As chief executive officer of HP from 1999 to 2005, Fiorina was the first woman to lead a Fortune Top-20 company. Austin, Texas, U.S.

What is the meaning of Whitman?

a writer of poems (the term is usually reserved for writers of good poetry)

When did Meg Whitman leave HPE?

February 1, 2018
On November 21, 2017 it was announced Whitman was stepping down as the CEO of HPE, effective February 1, 2018, with HPE president Antonio Neri taking over as CEO.

What is Meg Whitman’s net worth?

3 billion USD (2022)Meg Whitman / Net worth

What kind of leader is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates adopted an autocratic leadership style in the early years of Microsoft to ensure the company grew at the pace that he had envisioned. Autocratic leaders believe that the best way to manage their team is to control the way they do their work.

What kind of name is Whitman?

Whitman as a boy’s name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Whitman is “white man”.

Who is CEO of Hewlett Packard?

Enrique Lores (Nov 1, 2019–)HP / CEO
Enrique Lores is the President and CEO of HP Inc., a global technology leader whose innovative product and service portfolio spans personal systems, printing, and 3D printing and digital manufacturing. A Fortune 100 company with operations in more than 180 countries, HP Inc.