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What time does KSU bookstore open?

What time does KSU bookstore open?

Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 5:30pm
Friday 7:30am – 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 2:00pm

How do I get KSU books?

How can I access my booklist? Log in to Owl Express, click the Student Services tab, then click “KSU Bookstore.” Select your term and click “Submit.”

How do I opt out of day one access?

If you prefer to use physical materials, you can opt-out of Day One Access by the add/drop date to be refunded the electronic course materials charge. You will then be responsible for sourcing your own physical materials.

Does KSU bookstore Take Apple pay?

For your convenience, we accept Apple Pay® and PayPal® at checkout.

How do I return books to Kent State?


  1. Merchandise aside from textbooks, may be refunded or exchanged with in 14 days with a valid receipt.
  2. No refunds are given on magazines or prepaid phone cards. Without a receipt, a merchandise credit will be issued at the current selling price. All merchandise must be in original condition.

What is day1access?

Day 1 Digital Access (D1DA) is a collaborative program at CSULB with two main goals: Reduce the cost of course materials. Provide access to the required course material on the first day of classes.

How do I return a book to Kent State?

textbooks and course packets must be in original condition and SHRINK WRAPPED when returned. With proof of a schedule change and original receipt, a full refund will be given during the first 30 days.

Do you get money back from renting textbooks?

You can convert your rental into a standard purchase at any time before the rental due date. You’ll simply receive a refund of your rental fee and be charged regular retail price based on the book’s condition when purchased (new or used).

What time does the Kent State library close?

Library and Media Center Hours

Days CPM Students, Faculty, and Staff Business Hours
Monday – Friday 7:00am-10:00pm 8:00am-5:00pm*
Saturday 9:00am-10:00pm Closed*
Sunday 9:00am-10:00pm Closed*

How do I opt out of Csulb textbooks?

I do not want my class enrolled in D1DA anymore, what do I do? Please email [email protected] immediately so that we can cancel your class from the D1DA program.

What happens if I don’t return a college textbook?

If the bookstore determines your book to be not acceptable for return, then you will be charged for a replacement copy and a processing fee.

Is Kent State library open to the public?

Check our Departments and Services pages….You are here.

Main Library Building Sunday
Technology Help Desk 1st floor Noon – 5pm
Other University Libraries Locations – Kent Campus Sunday
Architecture Library 110E CAED Open by appointment
Fashion Library 131 Rockwell Hall Closed for Renovation. More info…

How many floors are in the Kent State Library?

The 12-floor building houses numerous library resources and personnel, including materials circulation, subject librarians, course reserves, copyright and technical services, multimedia studio, statistical consulting and more.

How do you buy books at Csulb?


  1. Book Information. 562.985.7943.
  2. Day 1 Digital Access / Digital. [email protected].
  3. Rentals. 562.985.7750. [email protected].
  4. Web Orders. 562.985.5229. [email protected].

How do I return a rented book to Csulb?

You can ship back your rental(s), which must arrive on or before due date.

  1. Please include a packing slip with your name, student ID#, email, # of rentals, and the semester.
  2. We recommend using a trackable method such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS.
  3. Ship to: ATTN: Rental Returns. CSULB Bookstore. 6049 East 7th Street.

Is it a good idea to rent college textbooks?

Renting is Less Expensive Renting is cheaper. Whether it’s a physical book or an ebook, renting is almost always the cheaper option, even with used books. Just make sure you know exactly when your rented books are due back. You don’t want to miss the deadline because you’re busy studying for exams or moving back home.

Can I write in a rented textbook?

Based on the Rental Terms and Conditions, the book needs to be in resalable condition when it is brought back. If there is excessive highlighting, writing, or any kind of damage, you will be charged for the damage fees.

Can Stark State students use the Kent State Stark Library?

The Kent State Stark Library provides resources and services that help meet the instructional and research needs of students, faculty and staff of both Kent State University at Stark and Stark State College.