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What size are the flywheel bolts?

What size are the flywheel bolts?

900 In. (22.86mm) (6-pack)

What size are GM flywheel bolts?

ARP Flywheel bolt kit, (set of 6)

Dimensions 7/16″ x 20 x 3.4″
Socket size 5/8 – 12-point
Finish Black Oxide
Material Chromoly
Head type 12 point

Where are LuK flywheels made?

This successful vibration damper has now been manufactured for three decades at three locations: At its headquarters in Bühl since the introduction of the DMF in 1985, in Szombathely, Hungary since 2000 and in Taicang, China since 2007.

What size are B series flywheel bolts?

Flywheel Bolt Kit Honda B-Series 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 & 2.0L DOHC, 8 pieces Kit #: 208-2802

Socket Size(s) 19mm 12pt
UHL 0.890˝
Thread Size M12 x 1.0

What size are flywheel bolts on SBC?

7/16-20 X .900
Product Specifications

Callout Size: 7/16-20 X .900
Material: Steel
Metric Or SAE: SAE
Thread Diameter: 7/16
Thread Pitch: 20 in

What size are LS flywheel bolts?

Chevrolet Performance LS Flywheel/Flexplate Bolt Thread: 11mm x 1.5.

What size are Honda flywheel bolts?

Thread size on these bolts is 12mm x 1.00 RH, . 779″ in length. These bolts are shorter than the ones in the ARP set to ensure proper toque down of the bolts.

Are flex plate bolts the same as flywheel bolts?

Flywheel bolts and flexplate bolts both have thin heads. The difference is only the length. You shouldn’t use the wrong ones – too long and they hit the back of the block, too short and they won’t hold the flywheel.

Is Luk a good clutch?

4.0 out of 5 stars Great product except throw out bearing. I’ve used LUK clutch gold twice, it really is nice. I ran my first LUK for 2 years. I had to take the transmission down due to a bolt coming loose within my bellhousing and breaking the bellhousing.

What size are LS Flexplate bolts?

What size are K20 flywheel bolts?

Thread size on these bolts is 12mm x 1.00 RH, . 779″ in length. Application: Honda B16A, B18A/B, B18C, and B20 engines. Application: Honda 2.0L K20 and 2.4L K24 engines w/ manual transmission.

Are flywheel bolts longer than Flexplate bolts?

What size are Flexplate bolts?

The Spectre Flex Plate Bolts are designed to fit General Motor vehicles with automatic transmissions. Measuring 7/16-20 X 11/16, these flex plate bolts are grade 8 black oxide-plated for corrosion resistance and include security lock washers.

How tight should flywheel bolts be?

DO NOT use a washer with this flywheel bolt. Tighten all bolts evenly, ¼ turn at a time in a crisscross pattern until flywheel is completely drawn-up to the crankshaft.