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What rank is HM2 in the Navy?

What rank is HM2 in the Navy?

second class
The rates of hospital corpsman third class (HM3), second class (HM2), and first class (HM1), and chief hospital corpsman (HMC) were supplemented by senior chief hospital corpsman (HMCS) and master chief hospital corpsman (HMCM) in 1958.

What does an ECM do in the Navy?

An electronic countermeasure (ECM) is an electrical or electronic device designed to trick or deceive radar, sonar, or other detection systems, like infrared (IR) or lasers. It may be used both offensively and defensively to deny targeting information to an enemy.

How long is C school for corpsman?

110 days
Additionally, SAR corpsmen must be qualified in the Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) program for an assigned aircrew position. SAR “C” school is located at Pensacola, FL and is 110 days long.

What does a detailer do in the military?

“As a detailer, my job is to set you up for success, do my part in getting you promoted/screened for the next career milestone, and provide you with the career advice you need to move onward and upward.”—From the Navy Personnel Command detailers’ Web site.

How long is Navy CTI a school?

Cryptologic Technician (Technical) class “A” school is approximately eight weeks long. The “A” school follows successful completion a five week preparatory school. After “A” school, each CTT will attend a class”C/D” school that is approximately 7 to 10 weeks in duration. The schools are located in Pensacola, Florida.

What do CTNs do?

Cryptologic Technicians Networks (CTNs) serve as experts in communication network defense and forensics. Their responsibilities include: Monitoring, identifying, collecting and analyzing information. Providing computer network risk mitigation and network vulnerability assessments and incident response/reconstruction.

How long is IDC school?

The course of instruction is 63 weeks in total. The Independent Duty Corpsman Curriculum begins after completing 6 weeks of Basic Enlisted Submarine School (BESS) at Naval Submarine School on the submarine base.

Do Corpsman carry weapons?

According to the Geneva Conventions, any doctors, medics, nurses, or corpsmen are not supposed to carry weapons, and must display a red cross insignia on their person or helmet to show they are a noncombatant.

What Marines wear white pants?

NCOs and junior enlisted personnel may only wear white trousers for ceremonies and social events, if authorized and provided by the command structure. This uniform replaced, in 2000, an all-white uniform, similar in appearance to that of the Navy officer’s white dress uniform.

How do I get ahold of Navy detailer?

CSC agents are available Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. (central) to answer questions. Customers can call (866) U-ASK-NPC (1-866-827-5672).

How do I get an entry level discharge?

To grant an entry level separation, the command must view a servicemember’s problems with military duty as unintentional. You will not be processed for this separation if your command believes that your problems are manufactured, or that your behavior is consciously undertaken to avoid military service.

What is the individual detailer certification program?

The National Institute of Steel Detailing has created the Individual Detailer Certification Program (I.D.C.) in response to the steel industry’s need to determine the skill level of individuals performing steel detailing services.

How is the staff of detailers selected?

Our Staff of Detailers and Administrative support personnel are “hand-selected” through an application process that starts with the member’ previous commands having highly endorsed these Sailors for continued success in representing and guiding our 25,000+ Hospital Corpsmen. 1.

How do I contact my detailer?

Please email or call your respective detailer using the attached contact list. If you do not receive an email or phone call back within 72 hours please email or call the Branch Head, RAO or LCPO and you will get a prompt response within 24 hours.

What are the certifications for sound detailing?

These certifications are based upon the applicant’s demonstrated experience, capability, and understanding of sound detailing practices. The program does not certify job-specific compliance with individual practices, standards, or specifications.