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What percent of OK is Republican?

What percent of OK is Republican?

Presidential elections

Year Republican Democratic
2020 65.37% 1,020,280 32.29% 503,890
2016 65.32% 949,136 28.93% 420,375
2012 66.77% 891,325 33.23% 443,547
2008 65.65% 960,165 34.35% 502,496

How reliable is the Quinnipiac poll?

Tanenbaum, the founder of the poll-analysis website, compared major pollsters’ performances in the 2010 midterm Senate elections and concluded that Quinnipiac was the most accurate, with a mean error of 2.0 percent.

Who had control of the House in 2016?

2016 United States House of Representatives elections

Leader Paul Ryan Nancy Pelosi
Party Republican Democratic
Leader since October 29, 2015 January 3, 2003
Leader’s seat Wisconsin 1st California 12th
Last election 247 seats, 51.2% 188 seats, 45.5%

What are the values of the Republican?

The Republican Party is known to support right-leaning ideologies of conservatism, social conservatism, and economic libertarianism, among other -isms. Thus, Republicans broadly advocate for traditional values, a low degree of government interference, and large support of the private sector.

Who owns Gallup?

Gallup (company)

The Gallup Organization office in Washington, D.C. The reflection is of the National Portrait Gallery.
Number of locations 30–40 offices globally (2017)
Key people Jim Clifton (Chairman and CEO)
Services Management consulting Analytics Research Opinion polling Publishing
Owner Employee-owned