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What NFL QB has the best stats all time?

What NFL QB has the best stats all time?

Graham held the highest career QB passer rating (86.6) until Joe Montana retired in 1994. He still holds the NFL record for passing yards per attempt (9.0). Thanks to his background as a collegiate running back, Graham rushed for 44 touchdowns during his 10-year professional career.

Which QB has the most stats?

Aaron Rodgers
NFL Player Stats – QB Rating

Rank Player Value
1 Aaron Rodgers 110.9
2 Joe Burrow 105.9
3 Matthew Stafford 103.9
4 Kirk Cousins 103.1

Which QB has the most passing yards of all time?

Tom Brady
NFL History – Passing Yardage Leaders

Passing Yardage Leaders
1 Tom Brady 84,520
2 Drew Brees 80,358
3 Peyton Manning 71,940

Who has the best passing percentage of all time?

Deshaun Watson

Rank Player Cmp%
1 Deshaun Watson 67.8%
2 Drew Brees 67.7%
3 Kirk Cousins 66.9%
Kyler Murray 66.9%

Who is the fastest QB of all time?

#1 – Michael Vick – 4.33 seconds He holds the Combine record for fastest 40-yard dash time by a quarterback by a wide margin. He ran it more than a tenth of a second faster than any other quarterback in Combine history.

Who is the best NFL QB of all time?

290 TDs (17)

  • 40,239 yards (22)
  • 10 Pro Bowls
  • 5 time All-Pro
  • 1 Super Bowl+3 NFL championships
  • 3 regular season MVPs
  • Who is statistically the best NFL quarterback of all time?

    With 21 touchdown passes, Jones is tied for 11th all-time among first-year quarterbacks. His 332 completions are the seventh most in NFL history behind Herbert, Wentz, Sam Bradford, Murray, Derek Carr and Luck. His 92.5 quarterback rating is 10th best.

    What QB has the most touchdowns in NFL history?

    – Aaron Rodgers – 31 – Drew Brees – 25 – Tom Brady – 24

    What NFL QB has the most Super Bowl wins?

    Dan Marino. Not much suspense here with this one.

  • Jim Kelly. Well,it’s not like he didn’t have his chances.
  • Randall Cunningham. If I could transport one player from the past into today’s NFL,it’d be Cunningham.
  • Fran Tarkenton.
  • Philip Rivers.
  • Warren Moon.
  • Dan Fouts.
  • Steve McNair.
  • Michael Vick.
  • Jim Everett.