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What music genre is first aid kit?

What music genre is first aid kit?

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Who is in the band first aid kit?

Johanna SöderbergGuitar
Klara SöderbergGuitar
First Aid Kit/Members

What happened to first aid kit band?

The Swedish sisters broke out when Klara, the youngest, was just 15. After eight years of touring and recording, the sisters needed to break apart before they could make more music.

What guitars do first aid kit use?

Klara: I have a couple of different guitars I tour with. I had these two beautiful acoustic guitars custom made for me recently; they are by a Swedish luthier named David Sundberg. I also play Jeff Tweedy’s signature Martin Guitar.

What is on a first aid kit?

Dressings and bandages (gauze role, sterile gauze pads, eye pad, roll of adhesive tape, elastic bandage for sprains, sterile cotton balls and swabs). Over-the-counter medicine for cuts, burns, and injuries. Special medicines for members of your household. Latex gloves.

What should a first aid kit contain?

A basic first aid kit may contain:

  1. plasters in a variety of different sizes and shapes.
  2. small, medium and large sterile gauze dressings.
  3. at least 2 sterile eye dressings.
  4. triangular bandages.
  5. crêpe rolled bandages.
  6. safety pins.
  7. disposable sterile gloves.
  8. tweezers.

Do first aid kits expire?

Items in a First Aid Kit That Can Expire They have expiration dates and need to be replaced once they reach that date. After bandages have expired, they may no longer be able to stick to the skin. The same goes for tape. In addition, bandages that have expired may no longer be sterile.

How old are the sisters from First Aid Kit?

First Aid Kit is two sisters, ages 18 and 21, from Sweden.

What should not be in a first aid box?

Training organisations Tablets and medication It is recommended that tablets and medicines should not be kept in the first-aid box.